Best New Year's Resolutions -How to Plan New Year's Resolutions

Real Story about New Year's Resolutions

Usually people like to start New Year in a clean atmosphere. This is the custom started by Babylonians. Centuries back the main living means of Babylonians was cultivation. They performed cultivation by borrowing farm equipments from their landlords. Because of the strong desire to start the New Year with clean image they used to return the borrowed articles to its owner. It is to commemorate this event that the resolution passing by the people on the eve of New Year day celebrations.

But in most cases, people forget to carry on this resolution beyond the first week of New Year. Thus people show too much interest in passing New Year resolutions. But this interest cannot be seen in practicing the New Year resolutions. When the existing year enters December, more and more people pass resolutions which are to be fulfilled in coming year

. Resolutions are generally passed in view to keep away certain evil habits from life or to make life more comfortable.

The importance of resolutions is not considered by the individuals who had passed the resolutions when the year is in progress.

Popular New Year's Resolutions Ideas

Resolution for better Health

  • Smokers usually pass resolutions that they would stop smoking in the New Year. This is one of the popular resolutions passing by all chain smokers. Certain people take resolution that they would reduce the frequency of smoking in the beginning and stop smoking completely by the end of the year. When countable numbers succeed in this attempt, majority fail to keep their words.
  •  People who are alcoholic also pass resolution in the same manner and their case is similar to that of smokers.
  • Heavy drinkers of tea, coffee and aerated drinks pass resolution for making an attempt to give up their bad habits and start the New Year with healthier habits.

Resolution for better Life Styles

  •  People who have the habit of spending lavishly pass resolution for minimizing their cost of living. Since the prevailing lifestyle is materialistic people have the tendency to spend more. This is the reason as to why people prefer to control their expenses. This will enable them to avoid debt and lead a comfortable and peaceful life.

Resolution for being more organized

  • Ambitious people take resolution on the eve of New Year that they will search a better career opportunity with better remuneration or start their own venture in the coming new year. But this really depends upon luck and chances. People have resolution for being more organized.
  • This includes the decisions to make the home front and office premises healthier and cleanlier.
  • They plan to keep the files and articles systematically both in house and offices so that anybody can locate these materials whenever required.
  • Certain people are unpleasant for their late sleeping and late getting up. Such people pass resolution that they would go to bed early and try to get up early in the morning. This is on account of people’s desire to make use of time properly so that they can secure more from their life and work front. Hence becoming organized is a very ideal resolution as far as the New Year is concerned.

Resolution for better Fitness

  • People having abnormal body shape usually pass resolution that they will control their body shape in the coming New Year. They would have planned to achieve this either by controlling their diet or taking regular exercises.
  • Certain people pass resolution that they would start early morning walk from the first of January. But they become reluctant to carry on their morning walk during rainy season. As a part of reducing their body weight some people start going to gymnasium from the New Year day onwards. If these people have willpower then they can come up with positive results regarding their overweight.

Resolution for Social Services and Charity

  •  Certain people take resolution for utilizing their time charitable works or services. There is no other good day than this New Year day for starting such a remarkable feat. In this way they can make the year highly noble and selfless. Certain people consider this as more serious and join with certain social service organizations to devote services promptly. Educating a poor child or sponsoring the treatment of a diseased person is the other ways to provide services to the human society. These are the ideal things which are to be performed by wealthy people in the society.

Resolution for Family

  • Individuals who are very much concentrated in business won’t have enough time to spend with their family members. There may be complaints from their homes that they are not considering their wife and children. No body can blame them for this fault since their profession is business.
  •  They may have desire to spend some time with their family, but the circumstances prohibit them from going home early. Such people pass resolution that they will spend more time with their family members or come home early in the evening from the first of January of the coming year. Since business is their living means they cannot survive with out violating this resolution. But their resolution is capable to provide certain relief to their family members for the time being.
  • Certain people’s children will be dull in their studies. Educated fathers of such children take resolution that they would come early in the evening from the work place and help the children in their in their studies. If these people can fulfill these resolutions perfectly then that will be highly benefiting their family life. Moreover integrity will be developed within their family circumstances.

New Year’s Day Specials

Those people who love their family than anything else in this world pass resolution with better planning on the eve of the New Year’s Day. People of such category decide either to purchase new property or new house. Certain pass resolution for renovating their old houses. Such people might have well planned regarding the financial commitments that they have to face during the construction or renovation of the houses. If they can bring these plans as true then that will be an asset to their family members. Hence people must pass practical and sincere resolutions which are beneficial to them and the society as a whole.

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SteveoMc profile image

SteveoMc 5 years ago from Pacific NorthWest

I have some personal resolutions, and I am already on my way. Thanks for the ideas.

Kevin Peter profile image

Kevin Peter 3 years ago from Global Citizen Author

Hi Steveo,

Nice to hear that my ideas were loved by you. Thanks for commenting.

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