Best Santa Claus Suits - Economy Santa Suits, Luxury Santa Suits Costume and More!

Santa Claus Suits

Santa Claus Suits
Santa Claus Suits | Source

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Dressing up as Santa to deliver presents to good girls and boys can be a fun way to start off the holiday season.

A Santa suit can be used for family gatherings, office parties, delivering presents to charities and organizations and ringing bells for donations.

Dressing as a Santa requires obtaining a red suit, white beard, white hair, Santa glasses, black boots and a whole lot of Christmas spirit. Padding may also be required if you don't have enough of your own.

To make sure a Santa is realistic enough start preparing early for the event. Get organized on how you are going to make your entrance, if you will be handing out presents, practice your Santa laugh and try on the Santa suit prior to the event.

There are many types of Santa suits available from economy, luxury suits, sexy Santa suits, Santa suits for baby, child, colorful Santa's, Victorian Santa, Beach Santa and many more.

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Santa Claus Suits

Santa Claus Suits from Economy to Luxury

There are many types of Santa costumes and accessories to choose from here are just a few suggestions:

Economy Flannel Santa Suit - This suit is made out of polyester and comes with jacket, matching pants, hat, gloves, black boot tops, and a black belt. It is made well and is a good value for those watching their wallets during the holiday season.

Soft Velour Santa Suit - Comfortable yet affordable suit comes with all the necessities needed to create a Santa.

Velvet Santa - This costume is a 10 piece suit for a complete and convenient costume.

Santa Suit Child - Even Santa was a youth at one time so let the kids dress up in this wonderful costume and help celebrate the season!

Complete Santa Suit Costume - This costume includes everything from the suit, Santa's sack, wig, beard, glasses eyebrow stick, and more!

Blue Santa Suit - If you are looking for a Santa of a different color than you'll have a blue Christmas with this colorful suit.

White Santa Suit - Another color option for Santa

Deluxe Luxury Santa Suit - What the best dressed Santa will be wearing this year. This heavy duty suit is made out of red-plush fabric, and accented with thick white fur. It is great for keeping warm on those cold winter nights.

Infant/Toddler Santa Costumes - Whether you are opening presents or traveling to relatives houses for Christmas dressing the baby up in a Santa costume is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Fun for photos also!

Old Time or Victorian Santa Suit - You will feel like Christmas past dressing up like an old-fashioned Santa with the long coat.

Mrs. Santa Claus - Don't forget to add Mrs. Santa to the mix by getting a costume for her to dress up in.

Accessories - Santa wig and beard, brass bell, Santa eyebrows, Santa glasses, Santa belly, Santa eyebrow whitener, Santa boots, Santa Sack, presents and more.

There are also sexy Santa costumes to dress up in and have some holiday fun. Costumes include Santa's helper, velvet Miss Santa, Sassy elf costume, sexy Mr. Santa costume, Blue Christmas present, sexy shoes, and many more!

Be sure to purchase all the accessories you need when dressing up as Santa from the hat, gloves, socks and boots!

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