Best Selling Chinese New Year Red Envelopes and Greeting cards

Chinese New Year -Spring Festival

Chinese New Year also known as the Spring Festival is one of the most important festivals in China that is celebrated throughout the country with great fanfare. The festival is an important traditional Chinese holiday. Chinese New Year celebration has a very long traditional history. Typically, the festivity starts on the first day of the first month of the New Year in the Chinese calendar and it continues for a fortnight. The festival ends on the 15th day of the month with Lantern festival.

Even in today’s modern age, the Chinese celebrate the New Year festival with utmost respect to the traditional values and practices. The Chinese strictly follow the traditions of the festival, before the start of the festive season, they clean their homes to sweep away the ill-fortune and make way for good luck during the New Year. They decorate their homes, visit their family and friends and exchange presents and greeting cards

Chinese New Year Red Envelopes and Greeting cards

  • Gift Bag - Chinese Red Envelops – 10 Envelops:

Red envelops are usually presented on family and social occasions such as wedding reception, Chinese marriage ceremony or Chinese New Year. It is a Chinese belief that the color Red symbolizes good fortune and red envelops are a hot selling gift item during the Chinese New Year. The Chinese gift red envelops to their loved ones to wish them good luck in the New Year.

The Gift bag Chinese Red Envelops by Yich consists of a pack of 10 envelops, it is a perfect New Year gift, and you can gift it to your loved ones to wish them good luck for the New Year.

  • Textured Red Chinese New Year Good Fortune Lucky Money Envelopes / Lai See / Hongbao

The Chinese present Red Envelopes during Chinese New Year to family and friends. The red envelopes are called Honboa in Mandarin languages, which literally mean ‘Luck Money’. The Textured Red Chinese New Year Good Fortune Lucky Money Envelopes by Reorient has red envelopes made of supreme quality paper and bear the Chinese character for good fortune on the front side with textured ancient character in the backdrop. The envelopes not only look attractive but they also reflect the age old Chinese tradition.

  • Double Happiness Lucky Money Red Chinese Envelopes / Lai See / Hongbao - Square

The Chinese believe that gifting Red Envelopes during the Chinese New Year brings good fortune to both the receiver and the giver. The Double Happiness Lucky Money Red Chinese Envelopes / Lai See / Hongbao – Square from Reorient is a popular gift item sold during the Chinese New Year. These Square shaped red envelopes have Mandarin Ducks, which are also known as love birds and lotus flowers embossed on them. Both these Chinese character symbolize happiness, good fortune, happy family and prosperity.

You can gift these square shaped red envelopes to your loved ones and convey your warm feelings and show your love feeling towards them.

The red envelopes are always offered with the best intention and the receiver of the envelope receives it with both hands and bow to the giver. So whether you are a receive or giver of the envelope you must follow the custom.

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