Birthday Bash Ideas for Kiddos


When you’re a kid, birthday parties are something to get excited about. They’re a time of imagination and creativity where nothing else in the world matters other than to bring joy to a parent’s heart. Childhood doesn’t last forever, so take advantage of these precious moments and give your child a birthday that they’ll always remember with some of these magical birthday bash ideas from a Greensboro party rental shop.


Animal or Storybook Character

Hire an actor or actress and rent a few costumes to bring your child’s favorite character to life before their eyes. Better yet, have all your guests come dressed as their favorite characters with a little fun fact information sheet about themselves. Put together a show and tell where the kids can talk about their characters and maybe come up with a simple trivia game or storybook themed game for the kids to play.


Bring the carnival to your own backyard with a cotton candy machine, mini golf, and some backyard games. If you or someone you know can make balloon animals, recruit their help to teach the kids how to make their own balloon figures and take home something with them from the party.


Jewelry or Craft Making

Kids love to make jewelry and crafts, especially little girls. Instead of spending all the money on goodie bags full of stuff that will probably go missing, set up an arts and crafts station and let your partygoers make their own creations. Beaded bracelets and little side projects are easy to do, and can keep kids occupied for hours.

That’s not to say the jewelry might not go missing to, but at least it’s something that the kids made themselves and can be proud of. This will give them a chance to make all their friends and relatives little bracelets and perhaps give the birthday kid something homemade as a gift.


Water World

If your child is celebrating a birthday in the summer months or at least when it’s warm outside, plan a water world themes celebration. You can rent slip-n-slides and supplies for water balloons at affordable rates. Set up barriers around the yard so that the kids can have a water balloon fight with their friends and have a place to hide behind to avoid getting hit.

Make frozen drinks from a slushy machine to cool the kids off and set up a tent to shield them from the summer sun.

Bouncy House Bash

Bouncy houses are relatively affordable party rentals and come in all different designs and looks. If your party has a certain theme or your birthday child wants something specific like an inflatable basketball game, you have a wide selection to choose from.

On a side note, make sure that you have an outlet nearby if you are going with a bouncy house bash so that the pump can continue filling air into the house. Parks and recreational areas generally require generators or longer extension cords to accommodate these electrical requirements.

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