Simple Cupcake Design for All Ages and Occasions

Flexible Cupcake Design: The Options Are Endless
Here is birthday cupcake design easy enough for anyone to make. The best part about this cupcake display besides being fairly simple is that you can choose any color scheme, patterns, designs or decorations you want to fit either male or female, young or old. I made this for my daughter for her third birthday. I took a step away from any cartoon characters or typical little girl decorations to make something simple that celebrated her life thus far. I got this idea from the Martha Stewart, but I took the liberty to choose my own colors and special decorative touches. For example, I added pictures of my daughter. Below I will give you a step-by-step plan for designing your own birthday cupcake display.

To Note: How long is your name?
To begin, here are a few general preparatory thoughts. First, you will need 25 total cupcakes to do five rows of five (see picture above). Please note with this design, you have to have a name with five or less letters (or that can be shortened to that amount of lettering). For a three or five letter name center the name, and for a four letter name add an exclamation mark at the end. You could still make this cupcake design with a longer name, it just won't be a square or else you'll need to make a larger square dimension.

Step-by-step Instructions
1. Choose some paper to cut circles out of that you can place your cupcakes on. The circles will "frame" your cupcakes so to speak. This is the time for you to determine your color scheme or decorations. In my case I decided on purple and green, found some paper that I liked in the scrap-booking section of our local craft store, and then made sure they matched some plates, cups, and napkins I planned to use. You may decide you want to incorporate colors that match a favorite cartoon character like blue and red for Spiderman. You may want to go for black and white for a classy look or for an over the hill party. Sky's the limit here.

2. Choose a poster board or poster board sized paper that compliments the paper colors you chose for your circles (or your party theme colors). I believe later I trimmed mine down to more of a square size, but you will want to start with a poster board size. You may have more luck at a craft store if you want a larger variety of colors.

3. I would suggest making your cupcakes next. First, the cupcakes need time to cool before icing. Second, this will give you a good idea of how big you want your circles to be that you will place your cupcakes on. If you have the cupcakes done, you can start experimenting with good circle sizes. I can't give exact dimensions as I used a cup in our house to trace circles.

4. Determine your circle size to place under the cupcakes. Once again, you want the circle to frame your cupcake. You want to see the colors or designs under the cupcake without the circle looking too large. Still, starting with larger circles and working your way to a smaller size can be a good strategy. After determining the size, trace the circles and cut. You will also want to determine your pattern at this point so you know how many circles of each color you want cut. I had purple, green and printed paper to work with. You may choose more or less.

5. Place your circle pattern on your poster board and decide how you like it. Then tape or glue onto the poster board.

6. Icing your cupcakes. I used a butter knife to spread the base of the icing. Then, I used my icing decorating kit (with the small round writing tip) to write each letter in a dotted fashion: "Happy (age) Birthday (name)".

7. Add your special touches. For me, I printed some of my favorite pictures of my daughter over the last 3 years. I cut them in circles and picked my top choices to place on blank cupcakes. I trimmed the pictures in icing dots. Extra pictures I cut in circles, framed in paper circles, and laid on the poster board. I also ended up punching some confetti shapes with leftover pieces of paper and sprinkling on the poster board as well. Martha Stewart's version simply included a dot on the center of the cupcakes that didn't have letters on them. You could use those blank cupcakes to put any decor you want. If you had little cartoon figurines you wanted to dress up the cupcakes with, you could. If you wanted to do a design with icing (like a flower) or even leave it blank, you can. This cupcake birthday design has a lot of flexibility.

Candle Placement

Chow Time

Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!
Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!

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ketchup101 5 years ago from Philippines

Looks delicious! For sure, kids will love these cakes!

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Ashlea B 5 years ago Author


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yummy yummm

Shaista Tausif 5 years ago

I am a cake lover, I love making cakes for friends n family n always in search of good recipe I simply like your ideas of cake decorations and will apply them on my cakes,looks yummy for sure kids will love it.

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