Black Friday coupons


 Black Friday is a shopping holiday because it's the day when people try everything to sell their merchandise and that includes offering deals, discounts, rebates and coupons. In this post I will try and explain what are coupons and what kind of coupons should you expect during this year's Black Friday.

Typical discount coupon

Coupon types

Manufacturer Coupons
These are coupons that can be found in national coupon inserts in newspapers, direct-mailers, magazines, through surveys, mail-in forms, package inserts, online, and often accompany samples that you receive in the classic mail. In most cases the manufacturer will pay the face value of the coupon directly to the store, so you don't have to worry about filling out forms to get your money back.

Retailer Coupons
These are coupons that big retailers will post in their store newspaper ads, through direct mail, or in local newsletters (subdivision or area newsletters). Usually the manufacturer offers an advertising allowance to the retailer's store, a percentage of the product's price to cover the expense of the advertisement and mailing fee for the coupon. This is a great way for retailers to promote their business without covering the whole cost of the ads.
Online Printable Coupons
More often manufacturers and grocery stores have coupons listed on their Web sites which can be printed and used in their stores to buy special products at a discount. These coupons can be really big because they're less expensive to produce and manage. Those would be the coupons I would look for this Black Friday.
These are the most important types of coupons you'll see during Black Friday, but there will be also variations. All you have to do is remember where you saw the coupons, their value and to which product they apply, so that you will be prepared when Black Friday comes and make the right buying decision, based on all those factors that affect the product's price.

Other tips

Other things to look for when purchasing for Black Friday are special property coupons like:

- grocery stores that double coupons: some coupons have greater value in some states - sites that are offering free coupons and list the available coupons

- coupon exchange clubs: don't need a certain coupon? trade it with a friend

- stackable discounts that further lower the product's value: sometimes works when you have more of the same coupon

Hope this info comes in handy and will help you get the best Black Friday coupons this year.


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