Bob The Builder Birthday Cakes And Party Supplies

Bob the Builder Birthday Cakes

Bob The Builder is a very cute animated children's series that is popular with young boys and girls everywhere. If you have small children then you're most likely already familiar with Bob the Builder and he's catch phrase of "can we fit it".

Bob the Builder who is most popular with young boy's makes a great birthday theme for the 1-6 year old age rang. Boy's who are older than this have usually moved on to the super hero stage. So if you're looking for a cute birthday theme for a young boy then why not consider Bob the Builder.

If you're experienced at cake decorating you might be interested in purchasing the Bob the Builder cake pan by Wilton and decorating the cake yourself. Or if you're like most of us you might prefer using an edible cake topper to decorate your Bob the Builder cake.

bob the builder birthday cake and party supplies
bob the builder birthday cake and party supplies

Bob the Builder Cake Toppers

Instead of buying your Bob the Builder cake from a bakery this year, why not make it yourself and save a little money. It's really not that hard to make a beautiful bakery quality Bob the Builder birthday cake yourself.

In fact all that you'll need is of the course a frosted cake, this can be one that you've either baked yourself or picked up from a bakery. Next you'll need an edible cake topper which can usually be purchased online for around $10.

All of the needed instructions will come with your cake topper and it's important that you do take the time to carefully read the instructions before applying the edible cake topper to your cake. Something to consider before applying your cake topper is that edible cake toppers work best on a freshly frosted cake. So if the frosting has started to harden a little you will want to lightly mist it with water, taking care to not apply too much water.


Bob the Builder Party Supplies

Bob the Builder party supplies are sometimes hard to find in stores, but luckily you can find everything needed, from the cups, plates,hats and birthday invitations for an awesome Bob the Builder birthday party for sale online.

And while you're at it don't forget about the Bob the Builder pinata. Every kid dreams of a pinata filled with candy. A lot of parents are hesitant about having a pinata because a room full of children swinging a baseball bat can be just a little dangerous.  But there are some things that you can do to make it a little more safe.  For one thing you can do away with the blindfolds and for another keep a watchful adult stationed close by to make sure nobody gets hit by the bat.


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