Boo-tiful Halloween Costumes

Simple and fun. That's the key to a boo-tiful Halloween costume. The good news is that when it comes to creating a costume, imagination is much more important than sewing skills. I know of one woman who came up with the idea of smearing canned chocolate frosting on her daughter's face as the finishing touch to a bear costume! Delicious! Inspiration is often at hand.

Babies and Toddlers

Fried Egg: Attach yellow felt circle to white onesie.

Cheerios Box: Dress in black sweatshirt and pants. Cut arm holes into a bottomless, double-sized Cheerios box.

Kids of All Ages

Carrot: Dress in orange sweat suit; gather hair into a ponytail and spray it green. Hang a sign around neck that says "What's Up, Doc?" Or use felt to cut out a carrot-shaped "signboard" (front and back, with a slit for the head). Make a paper headband out of orange construction paper; use duct tape to affix green netting to it. Gather netting above head with a green pipe cleaner.

Computer Bug: Decorate a cardboard box as a computer monitor. Attach antennae to a headband. Bag of Chocolate Chip Cookies: Glue mini chocolate chip cookies onto a black sweatshirt. On the back of the sweatshirt, glue the nutritional information. Make a hat with the bag the cookies came in.

Static Cling: Glue socks to a large sweatshirt.

Little Bo Peep: Requires a cane, bonnet and hoop skirt.

It's in the Bag:

A bunch of grapes, fill a clear dry cleaner's bag with purple ballons.

A sack of leaves, cut holes for arms and legs from a trash bag, fill bag with crumpled newspaper or plastic, glue a few autumn leaves around it, especially at the top where it will tie around neck, bobby-pin some leaves in hair;

A California raisin, wear a dark trash bag upside down, with a hole in the bottom for head and holes for arms.

A Yogurt Container: Make a cylinder out of cardboard. Carry a large spoon.

Ear of Corn: Use green pants and a green sweatshirt. Paint yellow spots on face with face paint. Blondes can stiffen hair with lots of mousse to make it look like corn silk.


Mars and Venus: Man dresses all in red; woman in a toga.

Hip Hop: One partner dresses all in black with sunglasses; the other dresses as a bunny.

Organ Grinder and Monkey: Use a jack in the box (wired not to pop up) to fill in for the barrel organ.

Trophies: One all in gold with a tennis racquet; the other all in silver with a baseball bat.

Synchronized Swimmers: Include nose clips and fully choreographed routine.

A Clothes Line: Wear all black. Attach a rope to each person's shoulder; hang clothes in between.

Fork and Spoon: Cut shapes out of cardboard. Wear over leotards.


American Beauty: To a flesh-colored bodysuit, sew petals from red silk roses across breasts and crotch areas.

Inflation: For pregnant women, across stomach, pin a tea towel printed like a dollar bill.

The Devil with the Blue Dress On: Wear a blue dress and devil horns.

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