Boss's Day Gift Ideas

10 Unique Ways To Celebrate Boss's Day

If you’ve got a boss who has gone out of his or her way to make your life at work more pleasant, why not show your appreciation with a nice gift this Boss’s Day? October 16th is the official holiday, but if the 16th falls on a weekend, it is usually celebrated on the work day closest to the 16th. Ever since 1958 Boss’s Day has been recognized as a special day to acknowledge those in charge at work. Here are some gift-giving ideas to get you started.

Stay away from truly personal gifts like clothing, perfume and jewelry unless you really feel comfortable with the boss. Remember, you want your gift to appear professional yet meaningful. Consider the work environment. Even if it’s casual, you don’t want to offer a Boss's Day gift that could be misconstrued as unprofessional.

1) Organize an Office Lunch

Have everyone bring a special dish and surprise the boss with treats in the break room. You can have someone like a secretary or personal assistant make sure he’ll be around that day at lunchtime. If your office is not one where everyone works the same shift or can’t join in a lunch all together, bring in foods that don’t need to be refrigerated. Everyone can help themselves to goodies during the day.

2) Restaurant Gift Certificate

Go in for a gift together. Ask everyone in the office to donate a few dollars for a nice gift for the boss. To make it special, find out where the boss likes to go on the weekends. It’s much more personal to get him a gift certificate to his favorite restaurant than one he’d never go to.

3) Gift To Match His Hobby

Don’t limit yourself to the obvious gifts like pens and desk items. Really stretch your imagination. If the boss likes to golf, don’t just get him a set of golf balls but get him tickets to see a professional golf match.  If he loves to go ice fishing, consider getting him equipment that he could use for that hobby such as poles, a new ice auger, or a custom fish house seat.

#4) Have A Staff Night Out

A night out on the staff is always a welcome treat. Get the boss tickets to a play or show that he or she’s mentioned wanting to see. Concerts and sports events are also a great idea.

A night out bowling is also a fun office idea - check out how much the office full of church personnel is having in the photo to the right!

#5) Make A Charitable Donation

Charity from the heart is another way to go. Does the boss have a favorite charitable organization? Why not take up a collection and make a donation in the boss’s name? And even if you don't know what his or her favorite charity is, you could get a donors choose gift card whereby they can give to whatever classroom project they would like.

#6) Get A Caricature Print of The Boss

If you have a fun, lighthearted boss, you can have a caricature done of him or her. Artists abound in most communities and can be found online or in the phone book. Place it in a nice frame for a unique holiday gift.

You could add a signature mat where all the staff writes a little blurb and signs their name....this makes a great keepsake.

The Charlie Chaplin caricature to the right was from Wikimedia Commons by Greg Williams.

#7) Give A Gourmet Gift

Is your boss a lobster fan? You can have lobsters delivered to his home or give a gift certificate so he can order at his own convenience. is a great place to start.

Photo shows the 6 to 7 oz. Maine Lobster Tails from Lobstergram.  Two tails starts around $50.

#8) Skip The Flowers & Give An Edible Bouquet

Instead of flowers, why not send an edible bouquet of long stemmed cookies? Many bakeries offer them. Or, you can also send fresh fruit baskets if your boss is on a health kick.

The All Star Boss Cookie Gram shown to the right is available from Cookie Gift Baskets. It is available in 5 different sizes starting at $25.

#9) Spa Gifts

Spa gifts are always welcome. Include a gift card for a posh local spa so the boss can unwind at his or her leisure. These days both women AND men like to go to the spa for a massage!

The citrus spa gift basket shown in the photo is available from All About Gifts & Baskets. They have nearly 50 different spa gift baskets to choose from!

#10) Say Thank You with a Mini Vacation

While you may not be able to afford to send the boss to Aruba, why not offer a gift card for an attraction close to the office. Is there a museum or exhibit the boss might like? Get passes or tickets in advance. Just make sure they are good for a time when the boss will be available.

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kenneth avery profile image

kenneth avery 4 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

janices7, Great hub. Informative. Helpful. I voted up and away. I was wondering if I may use some of your ideas in this hub to send to some friends of mine who are still working? I loved the artwork too. I am so amazed at your talent. I invite you to read a few more of my hubs if you need a good, clean laugh. And I WOULD LOVE to have you as a follower too. Happy New Year! Your friend, Kenneth

Pinkchic18 profile image

Pinkchic18 6 years ago from Minnesota

Those edible flowers look delicious. My old boss used to get fruit bouquets and chocolate gifts, leaving my mouth watering. These treats look like they'd do the same! Great hub, and great ideas!

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