Favorite Party Themes for Boys


The biggest challenge in planning birthday parties for young boys is coming up with a theme that will be fun not just for him, but for all his guests. It’s also important to choose a theme that is easy to incorporate, lends itself to a variety of different options (like using the theme for the cake, games and decorations), and won’t be overly expensive, which might mean taking advantage of a party rentals company. Below are a few easy and imaginative ideas to get you started.


1. Planes, Trains & Automobiles – Nearly all boys love machines, so tailoring a party toward planes, trains, and automobiles is a surefire way to make a party memorable. Ideas can include personalized invitations in the forms of ‘train tickets’ or ‘boarding passes’. Many parties also include gift bags for guests, and packaging these in brown paper under a ‘Baggage Claim’ sign can help complete the theme.

2. Cowboy – Another staple of any young boy’s dreams, a cowboy-themed party can include cowboy hats for each guest and themed games that can include a lasso-contest, hobby horse relay, and horseshoe tossing. Another big hit would be to hire a party rentals company to set up a petting zoo.

3. Pirate – A pirate-themed party is an easy one to pull off, and is most fun if all guests come in costume. Having an apple dunking (Walk-The-Plank) contest, and a one-legged race (Peg-Leg Relay) will keep everyone entertained.

4. Favorite Super Hero – This popular theme is also easy to accommodate, and can include customized invitations that give each guest a designated hero identity and an alter-ego. Snack ideas can include ‘kryptonite’ rock candy, cupcakes frosted with familiar super hero emblems like Superman and Batman, and snacks in individually wrapped cones made from comics.


5. Harry Potter – Personalized, handwritten invitations can be a fun part of a Harry Potter themed party. Smudging the ends with graphite dust or burning with a candle can produce an authentic aged look to the paper. A variety of creative liberties can be taken with food, such as creatively naming them. For example, you can whip up some Snitch Truffles, Freacle Tarts or Butter Beer. It can also be fun to divide guests into teams by having everyone pick a piece of paper from an old hat to find out which ‘house’ they belong to.

6. Sports – Because it’s such a broad theme, it is easy to customize it to the favorite activities of the birthday boy. Setting up signs around the house can enhance the mood – for example, setting up a “bleachers” area, or designating the bathroom as the “locker room.”

7. Mad Scientist – Having ready to wear costume kits for guests is a good way to complete this theme, including lab coats, safety glasses, and construction paper bowties for each guest. A number of fun and easy science experiments can be found online which often use simple, everyday kitchen ingredients.

Creative Birthday Party Ideas

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Ericdierker profile image

Ericdierker 17 months ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

Don't tell anyone but I got all excited reading this. Wow, how much fun! Thanks

FlourishAnyway profile image

FlourishAnyway 17 months ago from USA

This does look like a lot of fun! I can just imagine some of the games and activities, decorations, and cakes to go along with these themed parties.

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