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Cleopatra Halloween Costumes

Cleopatra costumes have been a popular Halloween costume choice for decades, for girls and women. And who who wouldn't want to be the Queen of the Nile? Not only is she beautiful and glamorous, she's also very powerful and gets to wear a really cool costume.

A Little About Cleopatra:

The real Cleopatra who believed herself to be the reincarnation of the Egyptian Goddess Isis died by suicide August 12th 30 BC at the age of 39. Cleopatra who lived a short but very eventful life was very ruthless and politically ambitious, even going so far as to order the execution of own sister who she saw as a threat to the throne of Egypt.

All of Cleopatra's ambitions defeated her in the end when she lost the throne to Rome right before her death in 30 BC. Cleopatra was Egypt's last Pharaoh, and after her death Egypt became a Roman province.

Cleopatra Headdress And Wig

If you want to dress up as Cleopatra you're going to want to go for the whole look.

This means starting with a gorgeous black wig and an elaborate headdress followed by some beautiful ornate gold jewelry.Then of course you will want to add the costume and a pair of sandals.

Cleopatra was a beautiful, charming and clever woman who would never be caught wearing anything less than the very best.

Some people believe that Cleopatra was black and although this topic has been at times hotly debated she was in fact Macedonian . Cleopatra was the last member of the Macedonian Ptolemaic dynasty descended from Alexander the Great which made her the last Greek ruler of Egypt. Cleopatra is thought to be the first member of her family in their 300 year reign to actually learn the Egyptian language.

buy a cleopatra costume online
buy a cleopatra costume online

Cleopatra Costumes

The first Cleopatra costume on the list is a glamorous and very sexy backless gold costume. Costume is available in women's sizes small, med and large.

Next is another sexy Cleopatra costume in a size M (8-10) costume consists of a white crushed velvet dress with a gold snake headpiece and arm bands.

The next costume is a stunning black backless Cleopatra costume available in a size 14-16. Costume comes with a jewel encrusted waist sash and neck collar as well as headpiece.

This gorgeous black Cleopatra costume is available in sizes M- XL. Costume includes headpiece, collar, belt and arm cuff.

The next costume is a long white gown available in sizes x-small - large. Costume comes with white gown, belt and headpiece.

Children's Cleopatra Costumes

If you're looking for a child size Cleopatra costume be sure to check out the really cute ones below. just add a pair of gold sandals or flip flops and your little Queen of the Nile will be ready for Halloween.

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Cleopatra Costumes 5 years ago

Cleopatra costumes are incredibly unique in that they can cover as much or as little as you want. I like this costume very much.

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