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The Christmas spirit is starting to be felt here in the Philippines, aside from the cool breeze of the ber-months and Christmas songs being played everywhere, people are already starting to decorate their houses, stores, offices and even streets.  Christmas decorations remind us of the first Christmas and the spirit of love, peace and thanksgiving it offers humanity until today.  Buy your Christmas decorations online and feel the Christmas spirit with your appropriately embellished home despite your busy schedule.

Christmas Lanterns

Christmas decorations will never be complete without hanging at least one Christmas lantern or ‘parol’. It has always been part of the Filipino tradition to remember the bright star that guided the three wise men to find the newborn Jesus in Bethlehem. Classic parols are star-shaped that utilized bamboo sticks and colored papers or colored cellophane. Filipino ingenuity, simplicity and artistry are exemplified by a symbolic craft.

Well, modern ‘parols’ have evolved to actually twinkle and sing, some even became gigantic radiating variously colored and patterned lights .    Giant Philippine lanterns have attracted lots of tourist, local and international, to witness Filipino creativity. 

New materials have been utilized that made lanterns reusable for several seasons, like capiz shells and fiberglass.  It may seem more expensive in the beginning but more practical on the long term. 

Though gigantic Christmas lanterns are not available at, there are other different kinds of lanterns available online to match every decoration theme you planned for the year and of course to match your budget.

Christmas Trees

Christmas trees on the other hand don’t need much of an introduction because anywhere in the world, people are looking forward to decorating their Christmas tree, usually with a different theme every year. Visit this hub for tips on decorating a Christmas tree. If you want to decorate your tree and follow a certain theme, this hub may be useful to you.

Choose from a variety of Christmas tree ornaments such as balls, bells, angels, candy cane, Santa and his reindeers, poinsettia, bears, insects or anything that interests you. You may or may not put a star on the topmost portion…you’ll never ran out of options. Oops, would you like to add garlands?

This decor is very special for kids not only because family members gather around it but also because that’s where they excitedly look for presents from family members and if lucky, from Santa Claus.

Christmas Lights

Lights are used in a variety of ways and forms to liven up the nights. Indoor or outdoor, Christmas lights in various colors heighten the merriment of the season. Some lights even incorporate melodies of Christmas carols that make you want to dance and sing. Moreover, what’s a Christmas tree without lights? Hmmn dark…lonely… well, we all know the answer, so better get a bunch to light your path to happiness. If rising electric bill is your concern, solar powered lights are already available in the market.

Christmas Wreaths

In ancient cultures of the Persian Empire, wreath was a symbol of importance and success.  It was smaller and worn on the head.  Wreath has become a wall/door decoration in the present days and hanging one wreath on the front door of a house indicates the start of the Christmas season.  People really make an effort to hang beautiful Christmas wreaths because it is positioned to greet family members and guests. A warm welcome warms the heart as well.

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