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Our Kids in Halloween Costume

Our First Halloween Experience

Halloween has never been special in our family until a friend invited us to join the festivities in their village last year. We saw the houses lavishly decorated with eerie concepts; from thick spider webs to angel of death. The streets were beaming with children and adults in varied costumes. Yes, even adults were in costumes! We saw Pocahontas, Princess Jasmine, Snow White, Pirates, Knights, Fairies, White Ladies, Spiderman, Batman, Buzz Light-year and others all walking in the streets of that ‘enchanted’ village. After collecting goodies from the residences, everybody converged at the playground to have some more fun while waiting for the announcement of the best in costume and house decorations in different categories. Halloween songs were played on the background. There was a photo booth to professionally document the moment, cotton candy and other food stalls and a BouncyCastle on top of the usual playground amenities. With what we saw and experienced, we didn’t feel a tinge of creepiness and instead felt the celebration of life and friendship. Now we are looking forward to the next Halloween season and deciding on our next costume.

Halloween Costume Trends for 2010

Halloween costume trends are usually inspired by recent blockbusters on the silver screen.  For Halloween 2010, it is expected that streets and party venues will be dominated by Toy Story and Avatar characters together with vampires and werewolves of Twilight.  Creepy classics, Disney characters and super heroes will remain…of course they are classics.  Go ahead and pick Halloween costumes for your toddler and for yourself and your partner.  Consult your preschooler, your school kids and teenager about what they want to be this Halloween season and be ready to have fun.  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

Toy Story – Toy Story 3 replaces Finding Nemo as Pixar’s highest grossing film.  After the success of this film in theaters and in toy isles, wearing the Toy Story costumes this Halloween is a sure craze.  You can be Woody, Buzz Light-year, Jessie, Barbie, Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head this Halloween season. 

Avatar Movie – This is a fantastic film and certainly breathtaking.  Its success in the big screen will allow the Na’vi people of Pandora to conquer the earth…at least for this Halloween season.  The Na-vi costume is such a novelty and a great demand for it is seen, so better get that Neytiri or Jake Sully costume in advance so as not to miss your Avatar look this Halloween.

Twilight – for boys and men out there, infuse suspense and romance this Halloween season by becoming Edward the vampire and grace the night with your Bella. Looking like a vampire is simple, the secret lies in your make up. A classic vampire has pale skin and dramatic or shadowy eyes. Add to that effect, a set of vampire fangs.  Learn more about the different vampire looks through this hub. Werewolf costumes for kids and adults and lady vampire costumes are also available at amazon.

Creepy Classics- Witch, Skeleton, White Lady, Frankenstein, Corpse Bride, Pumpkin Head, Devil are some examples of creepy characters you can choose from if you want to stick to classic costumes this Halloween.  They never get out of style and will continue to relive the essence of the event.  

Disney Characters- Pirates, Pocahontas, Peter Pan, Disney Princesses, Prince Charming, Aladdin, Winnie the Pooh, Tinker Bell, Mad Hatter… the list goes on for Disney characters you can portray this Halloween.  Little girls often take Halloween as a chance to become a princess or a fairy while little boys would be thrilled to take out their pirate knife or sword. 

Super Heroes – Who will refuse to become a superhero even for just a day? Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man and Captain America are some superheroes I remember from childhood.  Now there’s Wolverine, Storm, The Incredibles and others.  They all possess extraordinary superhuman powers and are dedicated to protect humanity.  Looking like a superhero makes us feel like one, so don’t be surprised to hear your child asking for a superhero costume this Halloween season.

Dreamworks Characters – Shrek, Princess Fiona, Donkey, Puss ‘n Boots and Kungfu Panda costumes are available at amazon. There is an upcoming superhero movie by Dreamworks and is entitled Megamind. The last time I checked costumes for this superhero movie are temporarily out of stock but can be ordered at amazon. The movie will be shown around Halloween Season (November 5) so wearing the costume is just in time when talks about the characters will be buzzing. So if you want to be ahead, order now and amazon will e-mail estimated delivery date.

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