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Within the last few years, pre-lit Christmas trees have become popular options for some households.  These types of artificial trees have the light strands right on the tree so that there is no longer the need to spend hours untangling the lights.  Many of these trees also fold up into a small size for easy storage.  There are so many different types out there.  The selection of colors, shapes, and sizes is really only determined by personal taste.


Prices will range anywhere from $60.00 to hundreds of dollars.  You are sure to find one that will fit into your budget and compliment your style. 

Regular Green Pre-lit Trees

This 7 and a 1/2 foot tall pre-lit tree comes with 790 white frosted lights.  There are also removable pinecones on the tree.  The leaves of the tree are lightly dusted with frost to resemble a winter landscape.

This is a 6 and a 1/2 foot Douglas Fir tree.  400 multi-colored lights adorn this tree.  Comes with a free metal tree stand.  Can be put together and taken down in three easy steps due to the hinged tree limbs.

For those that have small spaces to work with, a large tree is not going to do the trick.  In that case, this 4 and a ½ foot Hunter fir pre-lit tree would do the job very nicely.  This tree comes with 300 clear lights.  This type of tree is perfect for a tabletop or stand in any small space.

Trees of Different Colors

Not all Christmas trees are green you know….especially the pre-lit artificial ones.  If all the green of the holiday season is a downer for you, then why not try a tree of a different color.  How does red, blue, pink, or white sound?

This 4 foot pink pre-lit tree would be perfect in a little girl’s room to brighten it up on the holidays.  The tree is lit with 70 pink lights.  It all comes in one piece for easy set up and take down.  Tree stand is included with purchase.

This is a 7 and a ½ foot tall white pre-lit tree. The tree is strung with 700 white lights and features the hinged branches for easy assemble and take down. The limbs are reinforced with heavy wire so that the branches will not sag when fully decorated. This tree will add warmth to any room.

This tree is only 3 feet high, but the color will have everyone talking.  This blue Christmas tree is perfect for a table or stand.  It is adorned with 100 lights; half blue and half white.  Even if one bulb burns out the others will stay lit.  Includes a stand and it assembled in two easy steps.


This next tree will sure be the hit of the party.  This 7 and a ½ foot tall red Christmas tree features 850 red lights.  It comes with a sturdy metal base and assembles and disassembles in no time at all.

For anyone that loves the color purple than this tree is for you.  It stands 7 and a ½ feet tall and comes with a sturdy metal base. The purple tree is adorned with 500 purple lights.  The electric cord is also purple as is the stand.  Have some purple passion this holiday season.

For the Fiber Optic Lover

I have always been a fan of fiber optic lights.  We have a mini fiber optic tree that we like to set out during Christmas time and I can just sit for hours watching the lights change.  It is a great way to spice up a small space for the Christmas season.

 Pre-lit trees take aways much of the stress of decorating for the holdiays.  Most of the pre-lit tress go up in a few easy steps and taking them down is just as simple.  Many also collapse so that they will fit away nicely until they are needed again.  May you find your perfect pre-lit tree this holiday season.

This hub brought to you today for the 30 Hubs in 30 Day Challenge
This hub brought to you today for the 30 Hubs in 30 Day Challenge

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