Ugly Christmas Sweaters are the Hottest Fashion this Holiday

The time has come to decorate the tree, hang the stockings, and raid grandma's closet. This Christmas, the best gift for you and your loved ones is an ugly Christmas sweater. Oddly enough, the Wall Street Journal reports that Christmas sweaters are the hottest new fashion item on the market. You don't say? How on earth did the itchy, acrylic Christmas sweater I was forced to wear as a child, become "the hottest new fashion" this Christmas?

The rise in popularity of Christmas sweaters is undoubtedly a bit strange. It may be due to “ugly Christmas sweater parties,” which are becoming more and more popular. Even Jimmy Fallon, the host of television's "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," has joined in. With his “12 days of ugly Christmas sweaters” segment, where he gifts an ugly sweater to an audience member each night. Whatever the reason, it’s true the ugly Christmas sweater is growing in popularity. Any Christmas sweater, especially one with lights, ornaments, or ribbon, is a prized possession this Christmas season. But before you go sneaking through granny’s closet to steal her best Christmas sweater, consider your options.

A fine gentleman, eating a chip in his ugly Christmas sweater
A fine gentleman, eating a chip in his ugly Christmas sweater

Sales of ugly Christmas sweaters are on the rise

Buying the "perfect" ugly christmas sweater might be difficult this year. According to the same Wall Street Journal article, "searches for 'ugly Christmas sweaters' are up 30% in December compared with December last year, according to Google's research tool Insights for Search." Internet sales on sites like eBay and Amazon have rose significantly as well. For example, sales on eBay are nearly 25% higher than that of last year.

Still, the best place to look for ugly Christmas sweaters is at your local thrift store. People love to donate these moth-magnets to thrift stores, allowing shoppers the chance to swoop them up for less than $10. Unfortunately, the best Christmas sweaters disappear fast, and most thrift stores have sold out by now. Clothing stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Kmart are known to have a holiday or Christmas fashion section. Here you can find a wide selection of ugly Christmas sweaters. Even higher-end stores like Abercrombie & Fitch have ugly sweaters this year, but are having a hard time keeping them on the racks. Online and in-stores, the availability of ugly Christmas sweaters is at an all-time low.

DIY ugly Christmas sweaters

Years ago, Christmas sweaters were heartfelt creations by grandma - homemade and handcrafted. In the 80's, they hit the mass-market and became good sellers around the holiday season. Personally, I'm so cool (cheap) that spending money on such atrocious outerwear is simply out of the question. But even if you have the cash, supplies of ugly Christmas sweaters are running low, and we are in desperate times. Well folks, desperate times call for desperate measures. A DIY Christmas sweater might be your only option. Find an old sweater or sweater vest and get creative. Use ribbon, paint, bells, patches, mistletoe, cloth, cotton balls and anything else you can imagine to design an ugly Christmas sweater yourself. The way grandma intended it. A DIY Christmas sweater can be fun to make, even if it’s painful to wear. Plus, it will truly be one of a kind.

DIY ugly Christmas sweaters

Ugly Christmas sweaters are sexier than ever

The phenomenon of ugly Christmas sweaters being fashionable is not new. Our parents remember Christmas sweaters from a simpler time. A time when Christmas was spent watching It’s a Wonderful Life, gathered around the yule log, drinking eggnog, and of course dressed in hideous Christmas sweaters. This was a memorable time. This was a time to be cherished. It’s no surprise that we want to experience these joyous times once again by donning an ugly Christmas sweater. Our parents will remember Christmas sweaters as fashionable. And just like bellbottoms and newsboy hats returned to fashion, so have Christmas sweaters. It's now not only fashionable, but puts ego aside, and begs for a hug. Besides, with enough egg nog, even the ugliest sweater will start to drip with sex appeal.

Mom and dad in their best Christmas sweaters
Mom and dad in their best Christmas sweaters

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Comments 16 comments

esatchel profile image

esatchel 6 years ago from Kentucky

Today, I saw a woman wearing an ugly Christmas sweater accessorized by an ugly Christmas necklace. It had little blinking led lights, set on a manic setting that kinda zipped back and forth around her neck.

I'm telling you, when you think things can't get any uglier...they really, really can.

jdaviswrites profile image

jdaviswrites 6 years ago from California Author

esatchel - but how beautiful is that? haha. thanks for sharing...

SteveoMc profile image

SteveoMc 6 years ago from Pacific NorthWest

LOL I have a couple of those, also have an ugly vest my mother-in-law gave me (RIP). I keep em so that I can get a chuckle once in awhile.

jdaviswrites profile image

jdaviswrites 6 years ago from California Author

SteveoMc - Tis the season...start wearing those things and you could be wearing this seasons hottest fashion. haha... Thanks for the comment

imatellmuva profile image

imatellmuva 6 years ago from Somewhere in Baltimore

You're too funny!! Ain't nuth'n sexy about an ugly a$$ Christmas sweater! I'm going to have to edit my Last-Will-And-Testament, to try try to assure that I'm not buried in an ugly Christmas sweater...I wouldn't get caught alive in one, so, I better not be dead in one either!

rpalulis profile image

rpalulis 6 years ago from NY

Awesome! I love ugly Christmas sweaters.

jdaviswrites profile image

jdaviswrites 6 years ago from California Author

imatellmuva - I'd have to agree with you on the non-sexiness of the Christmas sweater. I think a lot of my sarcasm gets lost through the type. Thanks for the comment

rpalulis - You and apparently and increasing number of people lately as well. Thanks for showing up on my hubs bud...Take care

Trish_M profile image

Trish_M 6 years ago from The English Midlands

As long as it's warm, pretty much anything will be acceptable in cold weather. Brrr :)

jdaviswrites profile image

jdaviswrites 6 years ago from California Author

Trish_M - thanks for the comment.

Becky Puetz profile image

Becky Puetz 6 years ago from Oklahoma

We love the ugly holiday sweaters at our house. We have a lot of fun parading around in them, then after Christmas pack them away for next year :)Great hub, thanks for sharing.

Hendrika profile image

Hendrika 6 years ago from Pretoria, South Africa

What a pity I was so busy these holidays and I only found this Hub now! I'm sure you can still use your ideas, though as I cannot see that they will be less popular next time! Doing it yourself is a far better idea than spending money on something you will only wear for a short while, or even only once! If you are careful you will be able to remove the decorations and use your sweater for the rest of the year as we...

jdaviswrites profile image

jdaviswrites 6 years ago from California Author

Becky Puetz -Thanks for the comment...glad you enjoyed it.

Hendrika - It was published a little late - just a few days before Christmas - so don't blame yourself. Save it for next year. Thanks for reading...

duffsmom profile image

duffsmom 6 years ago from Pacific Northwest, USA

Love it!

jdaviswrites profile image

jdaviswrites 5 years ago from California Author

duffsmom - happy to hear that! thanks...

VeronicaFarkas profile image

VeronicaFarkas 4 years ago from Ohio, USA

Funny that you wrote this so long ago, but it still applies today! haha. :)

Great hub!

iguidenetwork profile image

iguidenetwork 3 years ago from Austin, TX

It's all for the spirit of the season. LOL

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