Captain America The First Avenger Birthday Cakes And Party Supplies

Are your kids big fans of Captain America? If so then you just might want to throw them a Captain America birthday party for their birthday this year.

The patriotic super hero has long been a favorite with boys and after seeing the movie it's easy to see why a young boy might want a Captain America party for his birthday.

A little about Captain America:
The character of Captain America first appeared in Marvel comics in 1941. Captain America was the alter ego of Steve Rogers a sickly young man who was given an experimental serum which turned him into a super soldier who fought against the Axis powers during the second World War. Because of this the very patriotic character of Captain America was extremely popular during the wartime. Later after the war his popularity waned, but around 1964 the character made another appearance when he was revived from suspended animation by the superhero team called The Avengers.

captain america the first avenger birthday cakes and party supplies
captain america the first avenger birthday cakes and party supplies

Captain America Cake Toppers

eBay has a nice selection of Captain America cake toppers. These cake toppers are very easy to work with and you don't even have to know anything about cake decorating in order to produce a beautiful bakery quality birthday cake. All that's needed is a freshly frosted cake and a Captain America cake topper.

Captain America Party Supplies

The best place to find your Captain America party supplies is online. Here you can find everything needed for an awesome Captain America birthday party.

All of these items like the cups, plates, invitations and napkins are available for sale individually which can be very helpful if you're trying to not go over budget. Or for those of us who are short on time you might just want to pick up a party pack which already contains all of the items except for the cake and guests, needed for your birthday party.

Food Ideas For A Captain America Party

Food ideas for a Captain America party is actually pretty easy. For the birthday cake you might want to go with a red white and blue cake with white frosting. Blue kool-ade or red punch for the drinks with burgers and hot dogs for the main dish. Captain America is after all the ultimate American and what could be more American than hot dogs and hamburgers.

Decorations For A Captain America Party

If you have any July 4th decorations left over they would go great for a Captain America party.

Otherwise just think red white and blue, such a streamers and ribbons and red white and blue balloons. And if you have enough cash left in your budget you might want to spring for a Captain America standup poster. These life size posters which are always a big hit with the birthday boy and girl are just like the ones that you might see in movie theaters.


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