Celebrating July birthdays

Celebrating any event is always a great idea. It is what makes life enjoyable. Any sort of celebration is appreciated by most people but birthdays are amongst the best. They come every year of a person's life, no fail.

It is a guarantee of at least one great opportunity to have a blast. A chance where you can go all out, if you have the money and the time to plan something simple or extravagant.

How you celebrate your birthday is always up to you or the person you are hosting the party for, doing it according to their wants, and personality always makes it a success.

I think planning a birthday according to the individual's personality makes it easier because based on their preferences you know at least they will enjoy themselves. That does not mean that you don't plan for all the guests to enjoy themselves. You do want the event to be memorable.

Water lily
Water lily | Source
Larkspur | Source
Birthday cake
Birthday cake | Source
Birthday balloon
Birthday balloon | Source

Celebrating any summer birthday is pretty easy especially in countries like the United States and the Bahamas which celebrate their independence in the month of July. So, socializing is already uppermost on everyone's mind during the summer but especially in July.

There are lots of ways to celebrate a July birthday. Most people think in terms of birthstones and Zodiac signs when it comes to birthdays but there are other things to consider, like a theme, what you would like to eat and drink or what time you want to have the event.

Other things to consider for July birthdays:

July Zodiac signs

Cancer, July 1st - July 22nd - the Cancer, "the crab", is imaginative, sympathetic, placid, patient, subtle, magnetic, tenacious, intuitive and a home lover; negative traits: crabby, moody, possessive and over emotional.

Leo, July 23rd - July 31st - the Leo, "the lion", is honest, generous, self motivated, warm hearted, enthusiastic, creative, magnanimous, inspiring, strong, authoritative, and dramatic; negative traits: fiery, demanding, brash, gullible, and vain.

July Birthday flowers

Larkspur or Delphinium - fascinating, lighthearted, levity, carefree days of summer, remembered youth,

Colors, pink = fickleness, white = joyful, happy go lucky, purple / mauve = sweet disposition

Water lily

According to the Victorian Era sending a bouquet of flowers revealed a message that only the receiver understood. Sending an arrangement of larkspur or water lilies are a great way of showing someone that you thought about them and that you wish continued blessings in their lives for the whole year following their birthday.

July Birthstone

Ruby, represents love and passion, according to the ancient Hindus it is Rajnapura "King of Gems", known to contain magical powers, worn by royalty, a talisman against evil, when peril was around the gem would darken and once danger passed it would return to the original natural color for it's rightful owner.

As a gift it represents or symbolizes an everlasting love, this comes from the internal red glow or flame seen in the ruby. The best red for rubies is "pigeon blood red".

The ruby makes a great engagement ring because of it's hardness and durability. When worn on the left hand though, the ruby, according to ancient lore, it brings it's wearer good fortune. It is also highly regarded for its values of love, success, integrity, passion and promise.

Places to Party ideas

Summer Backyard Barbecue; a grill, some meat, cold drinks and some music and you have the makings of a great backyard party.

Beach party; at a real beach or one you mimic by gathering all the elements needed for a beach scene, like shells, sand, water and plants, wood is also good as an added feature.

Garden party; it is held in a garden, with lots of lights, flowers and candles.

Dessert party; there are so many ideas for any dessert party, just think about what you enjoy, from cakes to cookies and all types of candy in between.

Wine party; select a variety of red wines and have a tasting wine party, threw in a variety of cheeses.

Gift ideas

Anything with a ruby, real or simulated or a red colored gem or stone

Water lily plant

Larkspur seeds or plant

Any bouquet with larkspur or water lily

A balloon, candle

A cake, chocolate

A card, a book

A picture, painting, a poster with water lilies or larkspur

Personal gifts

A gift certificate to the salon for a makeover


Spa day

Overnight stay at a city hotel

A day trip to a garden, lake or historic locale like a castle or plantation

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