Celebrating Halloween Is All About Money

It's All About The Money

Last weekend we celebrated Halloween. I didn't do it. My children didn't do it, but I saw teenagers and young adults, who wore Halloween costumes. There were devils and witches among others. Some years ago before my partner and me had our children, and we lived in Stockholm, Sweden, we also went to a Halloween party. I was dressed like a witch and my partner was ”Ghostface” from the movie ”Scream”. We went to the party by bus and train and saw many people on the way. I remember it was a nice feeling to hide behind all make up as a witch. It was something I'd never done before as an adult. And we met some really nice monsters at the party.

I guess we need to prepare more for this new tradition here in northern Europe. Halloween hasn't been around here for many years. In Sweden they started celebrating Halloween in the early 1990's. Finland is always a couple of years behind Sweden when it comes to new things – that's my personal opinion. Many people I know, don't even know what Halloween is.

To go around knocking doors and asking ”trick-or treat” on Halloween is not common among children here around. Older people wouldn't really know what to do if someone would knock on their door and ask the question. Instead we have a tradition on Easter, when children go from door to door dressed as witches, bunnies or whatever to collect candy in a small copper coffee pot or basket.

I live in a very religious part of Finland. There are all kinds of Christian beliefs around here. Thank God I moved away from here for some years to discover something else. I'm very open minded and I think people should have the right to believe in whatever they want. I think it's great that everybody doesn't look or think the same way. What annoys me is when some of the Christians here around think that their faith is the only right faith. That's why they also think Halloween is bad. Monsters, witches and little red devils are bad, very bad. They claim we can't participate in this kind of tradition like Halloween. Maybe this is a problem in other parts of the world too. I don't know.

From my point of view, Halloween is okay to celebrate. I can't see anything harmful by being dressed like a monster for a day. Of course retailers want to benefit from all the Halloween products. It's all about the money. It's the same thing with all big holidays nowadays. People want to earn money. Why wouldn't we bring the Halloween tradition from the USA to Europe? It's good for the economy, but bad if you are a Christian that sees this tradition as bad and evil.

Let the children have som fun, for God's sake!

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Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 5 years ago from Cape Cod

Great hub Made. My compliments to you on being able to grasp so many languages. Your English is very, very good.

Where I live on Cape Cod on the Atlantic edge of the U.S., we don't have a lot of Trick or Treating because the area is quite seasonal. Only three or four of the dwellings on my street are year-round.

The Cape Cod Mall in Hyannis has solved the problem for us. On Halloween day, hundreds (maybe thousands) of kids and their families gather there and all of the stores give out candy. It is a great time for everyone. You get to see the costumes and chat in a warm, cheery enclosed mall. I broke my diet and training regimen and had THREE of Auntie Annnie's Soft pretzels. They were sooooooooooooo good! I don't know if you have any Annie's shops .in Finland or Sweden. I hope you do

Made profile image

Made 5 years ago from Finland Author

LOL! I haven't seen any Annie's shops around here, but what a great thing to do on Halloween. Thanks for your nice comment. :)

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