Childrens Homemade Ornaments - Made from Items Found in Nature


Children's Homemade Ornaments - Nature Made

Our love for Christmas often starts in childhood, and rightly so, as it is such a huge part of our history, families and traditions. Ornaments are lovely to bring out this time of year of course, because we decorate our trees with them and more. Children's homemade ornaments are often among the most loved, the favorites so often, because they were made with the hands of a child.

Putting creativity into ornament making, can be a neat thing for children. I have my own memories of painting Christmas Ornaments and little porcelain figurines with my Aunt Donna, when I was a young girl. Its one of my favorite memories with her. What a gift to give to a child, the ability to make an ornament with some gathered items.

This hub is celebrating some children's homemade decorated ornaments. The base for many of these is a slice of wood from the small trunk or larger branch of a tree. Isn't that a neat way to recycle a tree? I loved the idea. Most of the items here can be found in the great outdoors. There are a few colored wooden beads I think, maybe some evidence of a marker here and there, or pieces of pasta. All are organic, but most are direct from nature. How very sweet is that?

The monkey one may be a favorite, but then I hesitate because I love them all. During the holidays this year, why not venture out for even a few minutes, collect some pieces of different things from nature, and create some homemade ornaments for Christmas? Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, you might want to make decorations for another holiday, or just for fun.

Enjoying time with children, creating memories and just having fun, is a huge gift you can give to a child. As you can see here, there are some that are not perfect, even far from it, but that is part of the point. Its what they want to do, whatever they think looks nice or good. They will never be this age again, so enjoy these precious years. We have often put the name and date on the backs of such homemade ornaments, so we never forget who made it and when. Joys to treasure, for years to come!

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Do you have treasured, homemade, ornaments made by children in your family? They could be made by you, your children, or neices and nephews, neighbors, etc.

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Happyboomernurse profile image

Happyboomernurse 5 years ago from South Carolina

Love the fact that these ornaments were made from natural materials. I can still remember making ornaments similar to these as a child which was always great fun.

Voted up across the board except for funny.

oceansnsunsets profile image

oceansnsunsets 5 years ago from The Midwest, USA Author

Hi Happyboomernurse! Always so great to see you. Thanks for your comment, and I agree that the natural materials make it so special. That is neat that you have the memory in doing that when you were younger. I appreciate your votes also, thank you!

Peggy W profile image

Peggy W 5 years ago from Houston, Texas

We also made homemade ornaments when we were children out of paper, etc. These are such good ideas using the natural elements found in nature. Children are always proud to see "their" ornaments hanging on a tree. Up votes!

oceansnsunsets profile image

oceansnsunsets 5 years ago from The Midwest, USA Author

I totally agree with what you said Peggy. There is such a sense of satisfaction, not just for the kids but for all that see their works of art. So glad you stopped by, as always. :) Thanks for the votes too!

DeborahNeyens profile image

DeborahNeyens 5 years ago from Iowa

What cute ideas!

oceansnsunsets profile image

oceansnsunsets 5 years ago from The Midwest, USA Author

Hi Deborah, thank you! So glad you stopped by. :)

tlpoague profile image

tlpoague 5 years ago from USA

What great ideas! I use to love to sit with my children and make ornaments. I have kept everyone of them over the years. Now that they are older and living on their own, I gave them their ornaments for their trees. Now I am looking forward to making some in the future for any grandkids. I will have to keep these in mind...thanks!

oceansnsunsets profile image

oceansnsunsets 5 years ago from The Midwest, USA Author

Tlpoague, thank you for stopping by. I think its wonderful that you did that with your kids and want to do it with future grandkids. I hope to do the same. Thank you for the comment. :)

carcro profile image

carcro 5 years ago from Winnipeg

Great idea, we made a lot of xmas ornaments and crafts with our kids and we'll have those memories and ornaments forever. I really like how you used all natural items found in nature, absolutely awesome and great pics, voted uP!

oceansnsunsets profile image

oceansnsunsets 5 years ago from The Midwest, USA Author

Carcro, that is so awesome you did that with your kids! :) Forever treasures! We did this a few times, and also when the boys were cub scouts, and another time when their cousins were visiting, etc. Its a great idea, especially if its cold outside and the kids are bored. Glad you stopped by and left a comment, thank you!

SanneL profile image

SanneL 5 years ago from Sweden

Oh, your Christmas ornaments are just too adorable!

I do appreciate the hand-made ornaments more than the store-bought. Furthermore, knowing it's all natural, makes them even more special.

I love your great photos and I love all of your ornaments!

Voted up, useful and bookmarked.

oceansnsunsets profile image

oceansnsunsets 5 years ago from The Midwest, USA Author

SanneL, these are ideas to me also, as I didn't create them myself, but I hear you and thank you so much for your comment! I HAVE made some myself, not too different from these with the Cubscouts in our den at Christmas. I ought to get photos out of those also, as they were made my own children. These are ones I saw recently at a Christmas show, and I just loved the ideas.

So glad you stopped by and left a comment, I really appreciate it! :) Oh, and thanks for the votes also and bookmark!

frogyfish profile image

frogyfish 4 years ago from Central United States of America

Great to encourage the creativity of children, and this will make for happy memories. Think my favorite is the squirrel, it's so cute and different. All the natural berries, seeds, cones became unique treasures, a long time down the road...

moiragallaga profile image

moiragallaga 4 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

Very creative and it's wonderful in the sense that it uses items found in nature. It's cost-effective, environment-friendly and develops imagination and creativity. This is a really good and interesting article oceansnsunsets.

oceansnsunsets profile image

oceansnsunsets 4 years ago from The Midwest, USA Author

Frogyfish, thanks so much and I agree about encouraging creativity in children. I like the squirrel also, he is too cute and I wouldn't have come up with that one on my own.

Moiragallaga, thank you so much for your comment and visit here. :)

laurathegentleman profile image

laurathegentleman 4 years ago from Chapel Hill, NC

These are wonderful and creative! I might try helping the children I babysit to make these for their parents as gifts! What lovely ideas!

oceansnsunsets profile image

oceansnsunsets 4 years ago from The Midwest, USA Author

Hello Laura, I think that sounds like a great idea! The parents would love it I am sure. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. :)

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