Choosing a gift for a loved one

There is pleasure in giving a gift !

There is more happiness in giving than recieving1
There is more happiness in giving than recieving1 | Source

Do you think about what you are buying?

Every year the shops report that there are thousands of returned gifts to either receive a refund or an exchange for something the person really wants.

This would often be due to the fact that many leave the shopping to the last minute so they just grab what looks like an ok present.

It is sad tho to be giving presents just for the sake of it and not putting care and thought into each gift giving yourself the satisfaction of seeing someone really appreciate and put your gift to good use.

Iddeal Engagement / Wedding Present

A travel club membership will give them a lifetime of cheap holidays !
A travel club membership will give them a lifetime of cheap holidays !

Times for choosing a gift.

There are many reasons through the year where we might have an occasion to buy an extra special gift such as

The birth of a baby - its nice to choose a keepsake that will last a long time.

An engagement

And then the wedding !

A going away present

When a loved one or friend is sick in hospital

My favorite is the Surprise present when they are not expecting anything -- thats the most fun !

Graduation time

and many more

wytegarillaz hug bags for sale

Have you given a hug lately ? Hug bags for sale !
Have you given a hug lately ? Hug bags for sale !
Original etched emu egg for sale
Original etched emu egg for sale

Unusual gifts

These are what I call our Hugs bags !

On there is a picture of us hugging on the beach and it says " Have you given a HUG lately ?"

These are to encourage more hugging.

Other unusual but fun gifts could be Surfing lessons

A snorkelling trip


or whatever is of interest to the person  to recieve the gift.

Etched Emu Egg for sale

This is an emu egg etched by a local aborigine for sale which will make an unusual gift for someone who collects them or would like a genuine emu egg as an ornament.

Mens presents!

I am sure most guys dont really just want to recieve socks and ties every year .

A pair of novelty socks maybe with something else however I am sure there are many gifts they would prefer

What is their hobby ?

Fishing-- Do they need a new rod ? A hook-eze- book on places to fish

Football - tickets to a game ?

woodwork-- book with woodworking ideas - new tool

fixing cars - books on cars - tools

water sports -- new sports gear

collecting-- something to add to their collection unless its something gross !

photography - piece for the camera , a book




Do they have a favorite tool they could do with having replaced ?
Have they expressed a desire to watch a particular sporting activity or try a new experience ?

Listen for clues throught the year so as to get your man a great gift that he will love and really

appreciate .

It will also give him ideas for when he is looking to buy you or someone else  a present !

Choosing childrens gifts

This is interesting as childrens ideas are changing each year so you need to keep up with whats in for each age group if you want to give a gift they will appreciate !

I had 3 girls so am more up on what girls like!!

Girls at diferent ages like

Dolls with the extras like highchair - pram , clothes - dolls house

Dressing up clothes

bags of various sizes

make up sets


books ( If they like reading )



For both

push bike - need helmet

new spot gear to try something diferent

paint set

lego set

activity books

board games-- snakes and ladders- ludo and many more !

gardening kit

cooking kit

writing set

For teenagers

Books on saving money

Driving lessons

First Aid course

Tickets to a favorite singer or band

A tafe course on a subject they want to learn


Flower Delivery

 If you are out of town Flowers are a great stand by as you can organise a flower delivery over the phone and it is a nice surprise to recieve flowers at home or work!

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M.s Fowler 6 years ago from United states

awww beautiful hub!

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Cagsil 6 years ago from USA or America

I think your hubs needs a little work. You have a good topic, but your layout needs something more. I suggest a trip to the Extreme Hub Makeover forum, where you can post a link or two, and get advice. The help you get is very valuable. Thank you for sharing. :)

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