Christmas 2010 Avatar Gifts And Collectibles

Avatar Toys And Collectibles

If you have an Avatar fan on your wish list this Christmas then you will be happy to learn that there quite a few different Avatar toys and collectibles available on the market this year.

Because of their extreme popularity Avatar toys and collectibles tend to sell out rather quickly. But you can still find a nice selection left on eBay and Amazon. When buying from Amazon you'll usually receive your item more quickly than from shopping on eBay but many times the more sought after items may only be found on eBay.  And some sellers do offer expedited shipping, which can be a big help when something is needed quickly.


Books On Avatar

Any of the three books that you will find featured to your right would make a great gift for a Avatar fan.

The first book The Making Of Avatar offers a fascinating glimpse into the exhausting process of developing a film and bring it to life.

The next book The Art of Avatar is filled with some of the beautiful artwork from the movie.

The last book Avatar: A Confidential Report on the Biological and Social History of Pandora is designed for the more hard-core Avatar fan as it offers complete detail on the Navi and Pandora down to the smallest detail.


Christmas 2010 Avatar Gifts And Collectibles
Christmas 2010 Avatar Gifts And Collectibles

Avatar T-Shirts

Any Avatar fan would love their own Avatar T-shirt, and these shirts if kept in good condition will most likely increase in value over time

Shirts are available in adult and child sizes would make an awesome gift and collectible.


Avatar Action Figures

Avatar action figures are popular with boys and girls as well as with collectors.

These popular 4.25 inch jointed action figures are very detailed and easy to pose.

Each action figure comes with its own weapon or accessory, for instance the Jake Sully figure comes with a spear and Neytiri comes with her own bow and arrow.

One thing to consider if you are buying any of the action figures to collect, is that as a collectible your action figure will be worth more if left unopened in the box.

Once opened and played with the value of your action figure diminishes considerably, Plus as expensive as these little collectibles are I'm not sure that you would want to play with them anyway.



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