Christmas 2010 Dark Haired Dolls For Girls

Dolls WIth Dark Hair

Have you ever noticed just how many dolls there are with the typical blonde hair and blue eyes?

And although little girls do like the blue eyed blonde dolls it would also be nice for them to have a doll that resembles them. After all not everyone is a blue-eyed blonde.

As a young child I remember how hard it was to just find a barbie with dark hair, there was a few around but for the most part they were pretty hard to find. Luckily with the help of the internet it's quite a bit easier to find a dark haired doll than it was in the past. In fact while researching this article I was surprised at just how many dark haired dolls are available on the market today. Although it is a lot easier to find what you're looking for on the internet than when shopping in stores.

This article Christmas 2010 Dark Haired Dolls For Girls features a nice collection of dark haired dolls that any little girl will adore.


Dark Haired Dolls

As cute as the blue eyed blonde dolls are every little girl would love to have a doll that resembles her and that she can identify with. Because after all not every little girl is a blue eyed blonde.

Little Mommy Play All Day Hispanic Baby

Move this cute little baby and she will respond with silly sounds and phrases.

Sweet As Me Birthday Wishes Doll

Adorable little doll comes dressed and ready for a birthday party, doll also comes with birthday cake and lite up candle.

Corolle Classic Baby Doll

This pretty little baby doll comes with long soft rooted dark hair that can be brushed and styled.

Little Mommy Baby Ah-Choo

Your little one will have so much fun playing with this adorable little doll. Doll sneezes when you gently squeeze her tummy. Doll is bilingual and comes with medicine,tissues,thermometer and medicine cup.


Barbie Styling African American Head

Your little girl will love styling Barbies beautiful long dark hair. Styling head comes with hair brush and hair clips. One of the nicest things about this Barbie styling head is that finally little girls have the option of choosing a doll that resembles her instead of always having the pick the blue eyed blonde, that although lovely can get a little boring after a while.


Newborn Baby Dolls

Baby Alive My First Doll

This sweet little doll makes a wonderful gift for any little girl. Doll makes drinking sounds just like a real baby.

Madam Alexander My First Baby - African American

This soft and snugly little doll has a gorgeous and very detailed face, doll makes a great first baby doll gift.


Dark Haired Barbie Dolls

Little girls love Barbie dolls, so what could be more perfect than this collection of dark haired barbie dolls.

As a young child I remember owning a dark haired haired barbie as well as the usual collection of blondes. Dark haired barbies were a little harder to find back then and I remember spending hours dressing her and brushing her dark hair.

Grace & Kara

The So In Style Dolls, Kara, Grace come with long beautiful hair that you can style from straight to curly. Each doll comes with her own stylists chair, a brush and various styling accessories for her hair.

Trichelle & Janessa

Smart talented and stylish these sisters are best friends and love spending time together.

Barbie Fashionistas Sporty Doll

Any little girl will love this stylish little doll with her beautiful long black hair and brown eyes.

Disney Just One Kiss Tiana Doll

This gorgeous little doll comes dressed in a beautiful sparkling blue gown. Doll also comes with the frog character from the movie Prince Naveen.



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