Christmas 2010 Gift Ideas For A 6-8 Year Old Boy

This article Christmas 2010 Gift Ideas For A 6-8 Year Old Boy covers some of the many popular toys for kids of this age. So If you have a 6-8 year old boy on your shopping list this Christmas and don't know what a boy of this age likes, or maybe you just need a few more ideas you should be able to find everything that you need right here.

Boy's of this age are usually pretty rough and tumble which you will find reflected in their choice of toys and activities.  They usually love anything to do with super heroes, cars, robots and physically active toys like bikes and skate boards.  Boys of this age can also be easily bored and enjoy activities like building that engages their creative side.


Iron Man Toys

Iron Man toys are always popular with young boys and who could blame them. He is after all one of the coolest super heroes around.

This walking and talking Iron Man Robot makes a great gift for any young boy. My own son has one and he loves to use it to do battle with his other toys and sometimes the cats who are fascinated with the robot. And the the Iron Man Deluxe Helmet is so much fun for pretend play, The helmet features battle sounds, light up eyes and a visor that slowly slides up.


Buy Hot Wheels

Boys of all ages love cars, which makes hot wheels the perfect gift for any boy no matter what his age.

The two sets that you will find featured to your right will delight any young boy.


Toys For Active Boys

Boys of this age are filled with energy so why not get them something to help get rid of some of that excess energy.

Most any boy would love a huffy green machine and or a scooter, my youngest son uses his scooter almost everyday.


Buy Lego Sets

Lego sets are popular with boys of all ages. The Toy Story Sets tend to be one of the more popular choices for the 6-8 year old age range. And two of the best selling sets is the Toy Story Western Train Chase and the Toy Story Woody and Buzz Rescue Set.


Buy A Magic Set

At one point or another every kid wants to be a Magician, and this set will help to fulfill that dream. Set contains a 90 minute instructional DVD and everything needed to learn 250 different magic tricks.


Buy A Remote Control Truck

Remote control cars and trucks are always a big hit with boys of all ages, and any boy would love this cool remote control Big Foot Monster Truck. This rugged and durable remote control truck is a life like replica of one of the most popular Monster Trucks.


Popular Game Systems

The Nintendo Wii is one of the most popular and kid friendly game systems on the market. Part of the reason for the Wii's populrity is it's affordability compared to other gaming systems on the market. Otherwise if you already have one of the larger gaming systems then you might be interested in a smaller hand held system like the Nintendo DSI which comes with the top selling Mario Kart game or the PSP system which comes with the Invizimals Entertainment Pack.


Imaginext Pirate Ships

Bring out their sense of adventure with a fun Imaginext Pirate Ship. The Imaginext sets makes a perfect gift for any little boy who loves pirates and high seas adventure. Pirate set comes with a ship, two figures, three projectiles a treasure chest and two coings



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