Christmas 2010 Gifts For Him

Choosing the perfect gift can sometimes be a little hard, so if you find that you're needing a little help in picking out a Christmas gift for a man. Take a look at this Christmas buying guide for men and I'm sure you'll find something that suits your needs, whether you're buying for your father, boyfriend, husband or some other man in your life.

When it comes to gifts men tend to prefer electronic gadgets, the cooler the better. Unfortunately this can get a little expensive but I've tried to also include some more affordable gifts for men as well as the typical more expensive electronics.

Men love gadgets whether it's the latest video game player, or the newest cell phone or laptop computer. Give a man a gadget, no matter what his age and he's usually happy.

Kodak PlaySport (zx3) HD Waterproof Pocket Video Camera

Camcorders have came a long way from old bulky and heavy ones that you probably remember your parents or grandparents owning. This Kodak Playsport HD waterproof pocket camcorder makes a great gift that any guy will love. It comes in three colors, black, blue or purple and luckily because it's a pocket camcorder it's also waterproof.

Canon Powershot D10 12.1 MP Digital Camera

Not only is this durable little camera waterproof and capable of taking some really awesome underwater pictures it's also shockproof and cold resistant. All for under $300 which makes this a good deal when you consider how many times in the fact your cameras have been destroyed getting dropped.

Apple iPod Touch 8GB (4th Generation)

This little iPod has the capacity for 2,000 songs,10,000 photos or 10 hours of video, so there's enough power here to keep any man happy.

Apple iPod Shuffle 2 GB (4th Generation)

The apple ipod shuffle makes a great gift for someone who just wants to listen to music and doesn't care about watching videos. Along with 15 hours of battery storage life the apple ipod shuffle is capable of storing hundreds of songs which is more than enough for most anyone.

Apple MacBook Pro 13.3 Laptop Computer

If you already own an Apple computer then you probably already know why apple owners will never buy any other brand. But if not then this little MacBook Pro will soon convert you with it's unmatched quality and durability. One thing that you might want to consider when buying an apple laptop is the extend warranty, the reason for this is that apple tends to charge a fairly high price for repairs.

Toshiba Satellite 14 Inch Laptop

This Toshiba Satellite offers a lot of bang for your buck. I really couldn't believe that that you can find such a good laptop for such a reasonable price. Not only is it nice and portable, the perfect size for carrying places its also pretty powerful and works well for everyday tasks as well as for playing games, movies and music videos.

Buy A GPS For Christmas

Where would a guy be without his GPS ? We all know that men don't like to ask for directions so why not save yourself from all the hassle of getting lost and buy him a GPS for Christmas this year!

Garmin nuvi 255w 4.3 inch GPS

With this Garmin GPS you should never have to worry about getting lost ever again. It's easy to set up and use with smooth graphics and a bright easy to read screen. I also like the fact that it displays the speed limit as well as your current speed.

Garmin eTrex Venture HC GPS

If you're looking for a hand held GPS you just might want to consider this Garmin eTrex. This easy to use GPS makes a great gift for the outdoors-man. Its very accurate with good response time, the battery life is for approx. 14 hours.

Buy A Flat Screen TV For Christmas

If you're thinking about purchasing a flat screen TV you're in luck because the price of flat screen TV's is at an all time low. So this definitely the season to purchase a flat screen TV.

If you're not sure about the difference between the Plasma and the LCD to put it simply the Plasma's picture is better and brighter, but because of this aspect it also works better in a more dim room. Otherwise if you try to use it in a bright room you will have some glare on the screen. The LCD doesn't have quite as good of a picture but does work well in brightly lit rooms.

Its all just a matter of personal taste as to which type your prefer. But you should also consider where it will be placed before ordering. I personally have the 42 inch Samsung Plasma and love it. Because to me the picture is more important than the brightness of the room.

BBQ Gifts For Men

When it comes to the barbecue grill many men take great pride in their culinary skills.This is why the serious barbecuer needs a good grill and some serious tools to work with in order to produce his masterpieces. And in the box below I'm sure you will find something to make almost everyone happy.


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