Christmas 2010 - Top Kids Gifts To Drive The Adults Crazy

Have you ever noticed that the gifts kid's like the most are usually the ones that annoy the adults the most?

I noticed this several years ago back when my husband and I didn't have any kids, we had given my nephew a voice changer for his birthday. Soon he was gleefully running around the house causing all the adults within earshot to wince and complain.

At the time because I didn't yet have kids I thought that it was the funniest thing imaginable and went on to give him something equally annoying for Christmas that year.  Luckily for me by the time my kids were born, my sister had forgotten all about my trouble making.

So if like me you enjoy annoying the adults with annoying toys for the kids I've compiled a list of fun and annoying kids toys.  Perfect to liven up the Christmas festivities this year.

Buy Heelys

A pair of Heelys skate shoes is bound to liven up the Christmas festivities this year.  Kid's absolutely love Heelys and who can blame them, I would love a pair myself. 

Nerf Guns

Kids love Nerf guns and I can tell you right now that for me they are a huge annoyance. For one thing you will find the darts everywhere even in the laundry. And for another your little angels will shoot anything that moves, in spite of this my kids of have several Nerf guns and tons of darts.

Buy A Voice Changer

Next we have the voice changer, kids love this toy.  But unless you send them outside to play I can guarantee that this is one annoying toy.

Remote Control Car

If you're looking for something loud and annoying this little RC car is just what you're looking for. And it's guaranteed to drive the parents and anyone else around crazy.

Tickle Me Elmo

He's cute and silly and young children adore him, until he starts talking in the middle of the night that is. Then Elmo leaves the cute stage and enters the creepy realm.  And once Elmo starts the night time talking there is no way your kids will ever allow him in the bedroom at night.

Buy A Cymbal Monkey

The Cymbal Monkey is nice loud toy that is great for getting on peoples nerves. Not to mention the fact that some people find that crazed smile just a little creepy.

Buy A Drum Set

The drum set is a classic toy that every kid would love to have.  And it's also guaranteed to drive anyone and everyone in earshot crazy!

This is just a few of the sometimes annoying and creepy toys that I've encountered over the years.  So what toys do you find creepy and or annoying?


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