Christmas Carols and History

The Christmas Waltz History

The Vienna Waltz was considered scandalous by most Christians because it involved touching, facing each other and dancing close during the actual execution of the dance.

Authorities thought it was a scandel and tried to have it banned. I guess each generation has it problems. But the gaiety of the music, spontaneity of  the commom population won out and the watltz became the dance of its time period.

When Sammy Cahn wrote the Christmas Waltz with music by Jule Styne,  it represented the accepted form of modern secular Christmas music which describe the wonderful joy of the season without necessarily being religious.

The song has been reprised by many singers including Frank Sinatra and the Carpenters. The active celebration of Christmas was a vigorous effort of the clergy to superimpose Christian ethics and principles over the ancient pagan practices. The modern songs do not necessarily mean a reversion of the celebration to those of Saturnalia. The change of Christmas chants and hymns to merry novelty type of Christmas waltz songs result from the secularization of what used to be somber religious rituals.

But Christmas is not somber, it is joyful and so is themusic of the waltz. 


Frosted window panes
Candles gleaming inside
Painted candy canes on the tree
Santa's on his way,
He's filled his sleigh
With things, things for you and for me

It's that time of year
When the world falls in love
Every song you hear
Seems to say
Merry Christmas
May your New Year dreams come true
And this song of mine
In three quarter time
Wishes you and yours
The same thing too

Merry Christmas
May your New Year dreams come true
And this song of mine
In three quarter time
Wishes you and yours
The same thing too
Merry Christmas to you

It is sad that we equate anything Christian with sad and somber. Christianity is supposed to be joyful. The Bible says we should be Joyful.

Christmas is a "Borrowed" holiday for the Christians, admittedly it started out as a pagan celebration, but it is still a joyous occasion and the celebration of ones birth.

so why should we not celebrate it with dancing and music?

The Christmas Wlatz is a regualr song on the Christmas hit parade, now, but a few years back it was nott considered acceptable. The only music termed "Christmas" music was songs pertaining to the birth of Christ. 

But times change, and so do minds. Although Christmas is he celebration of the Birth of Christ, it is also a celebration of life, love and should be celebrated with dancing. 

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