Christmas Classics

Family Christmas Memories

 We can never forget the Christmas classics that bring us back in time to memories of being a child or being whole as a family like Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer who guided Santa's sleigh on that foggy Christmas eve. How did they ever get that nose to shine so bright? Can you name all of those reindeer who guided Santa's sleigh that very night? Whatever happened to that Furry Green man who would come and take the gifts away that Santa just brang aka "The Grinch" I guess that warm loving feeling that over came his heart was to overwhelming to tear Christmas apart. How is Little Timmy now that he is all grown up? We haven't seen the ghost of Christmas past,present,or future to find out if the scrooge has really learned his lesson.Can someone please tell me do Miracles still happen on 34Th Street? Has anyone seen my corncob pipe? I guess frosty still has it as he is thump, thump, thumpty over the hills made of snow.It's the Night before Christmas so You better not pout,you better not cry, you better not shout I'm telling you why because Santa Clause is coming to town. So hurry and get to bed because you might tell dad, I saw mommy kissing Santa Clause underneathth the mistletoe last night. Cuddle up with the one you love and have chestnuts on an open fire because Jack Frost was nipping at your nose but remember don't feed or give water to those Gremlins after midnight because they multiply and like to fight. Tell me every time a bell rings do angels really get there wings because grandma got ran over by a reindeer coming home from our house on Christmas eve.. What was ever put in that Eggnog?

It's the time of year to remember and to be thankfulfor what you've been giving and not take it for granted, share memories with family and friends and let any confrontations go and let a new beginning begin. I hope you all have a silent night, Happy Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight.

Please feel free to add your family memories to this hub to share all the wonderful times you remember

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