Christmas Traditions Around the World for the One that Counts the Most

Christmas Traditions Around the World

Christmas is a wonderful, special, and loving day that is celebrated every December 25th. Every year for centuries, Christians have chosen to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. There is really no way to pinpoint the exact birthday of Jesus. Some scholars say Christmas was a pagan Roman holiday before ever been incorporated into Christianity. The exact origin is really unimportant. What is important is that it is helpful to pause once a year, give thanks for the birth of Jesus, and ask for renewed blessings for the coming New Year.

Christmas for a large part of the world’s population has turned into a lustful gift exchanging explosion of greed, selfishness, and hedonism. Witness the normal rushing flow of the season. The hype and tension used to begin after the Thanksgiving Holiday. Now the frenzy begins almost before Halloween. Billy has to have to have the perfect toy. Sallie wants that shiny new necklace. Bob is looking for his significant other to buy him that popular new luxury car.

Christmas Family Traditions - How Christmas is Celebrated in My Family

The unfortunate hype of the modern Christmas season is “gotta have, gotta have, and gotta have.” Gone are the days when people truly felt in their hearts that it is “better to give than receive.” Isn’t it hard to remember when you deeply cherished the fact that someone gave you something at all instead of fixating on what exactly it is that you received?

There is a way to short circuit all the insanity and put some peace and stability back in your soul during the Christmas Holidays.

The major Christmas tradition celebrated in our family is to attend Christmas Eve Mass at the local parish Church. Many of the fantastic Christmas carols are sung beautifully by the Choir and congregation. The Priest gives a short homily highlighting the lowly and humble birth of Jesus.

We hear about Jesus’ greatness from the manger to His Eternal Throne. Jesus was God’s gift to the entire world. We were given the greatest present in the universe without even having to ask for it. God’s Son came to love and redeem us. Without the birth, and later death, of Jesus there would be no hope of eternal salvation and a home with God forever. If we think our lowly human birthdays are significant enough to celebrate, we must approach the Christmas celebration with extreme happiness and joy.

The Mass if followed by a quick trip home to celebrate a festive meal fit for royalty. All manner of tasty delights and fine drink are laid out on the table. The family joins in a prayer of thanksgiving and the eating and drinking and fellowship begins. Seldom is there more ringing laughter and glee heard at any other time of year. You can see, feel, and taste the love in all the heart-felt fellowship of the moment.

Christmas Eve Mass at the Cathedral

After celebrating the birth of Jesus, after celebrating the love we have for family and friends, we then sit around the beautifully adorned Christmas tree and hand out presents we have bought or made for one another.  Sometimes you get what you want…sometimes you don’t. It doesn’t make any difference because love given and returned is a gift that cannot be matched.

Dec 25 - Special Homily: Christmas Eve Mass

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dallas93444 profile image

dallas93444 6 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

Then meaning of Christmas is often over looked... Thanks for sharing.

Kevin Peter profile image

Kevin Peter 3 years ago from Global Citizen Author

Hi dallas,

Christmas traditions are different at diffrent places of the world. Hope you loved the hub.

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