Christmas Gift Ideas For A 5 Year Old Boy

Buying Gifts For A 5 Year Old

When it comes to Christmas gifts for boys you will find that there are certain toys that will make their wish list year after year. And if you want a toy that they will play with day after day, instead of a fad that will quickly be put down and forgotten. These are the toys that you should consider when buying Christmas gifts for boys.

Almost everyone is on a budget this year, which means that we are far less likely to engage in impulse buying. So when you do purchase a gift you want to make sure that you get your money's worth. After all in today's economy nobody can afford to just throw their money away.

All of the toys that you will find on this page have been kid tested and approved to be fun and very importantly, durable.

Buy A Razor Rip Rider

The Razor Rip-Rider which was named best toy of 2009 makes a great Christmas gift for kids.

This toy is just so much fun! And you can expect your kids to have hours and hours of fun on their Razor Rip-Rider.  Designed for riders ages 5 and older the Razor supports a rider up to 160 pounds.

Hot Wheels Sets

Hot Wheels has been a big favorite with boys for many years now, so don't be surprised to find a Hot Wheels set close to the top of their Christmas list.

You will find a large selection of Hot Wheels sets available online as well as in stores, and you're only problem will be just choosing one set. I've profiled some of the most wanted Hot Wheels sets here which may help to make your choice a little easier.

christmas gift ideas for a 5 year old boy
christmas gift ideas for a 5 year old boy

Interactive Trucks


Stinky is a fun interactive garbage truck that talks,sings, and tells jokes. Stinky knows over 90 phrases and songs and can turn his cab from side to side and blink his lights. This adorable little toy is a favorite with young children everywhere.

Rocky The Robot Truck

Rocky the Robot Truck is another very popular toy for young children.  Rocky can speak over a 100 different phrases, he also goes to sleep and even snores, Rocky who was also a finalist for the 10th annual toy of the year award, is a strong and durable toy that can take the everyday wear and tear of playing with small children.

Fisher Price Imaginext Space Station

The Fisher Price Imaginext Space Station and the Space Shuttle & Tower are two sets that young adventurers will adore as they set out to explore strange new worlds.

These fun and durable sets are designed to unlock that sense of adventure that lives in every child.

Buy A Razor A Kick Scooter

Recommended for ages 5 and up the Razor A Kick Scooter is one toy that will see lots of action for many years to come.

My son has owned one for several years now and still enjoys riding his scooter.

Scooter will hold a rider up to 143 pounds which means that it will last your kids for a good many years.

Buy Lego's For Christmas

Most young boys love Legos and you will find that as they grow this love doesn't go away.

Luckily the sets featured here will last your kids for a very long time. And you will find as they grow and get older that their lego sets will be a favorite toy for many years to come.

My kids got their first lego sets as toddlers and this is one toy that they still love. Of course as they get older they will become interested in more elaborate sets like the Star Wars and Lego Indiana sets.

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