Christmas Gift Ideas For A 5 Year Old Girl

Buying Gifts For A Five Year Old Girl

If you're looking for a gift for a five year old girl, then you're in luck because five is one of the easiest ages there is to buy for. The reason for that is because there is just so much merchandise that is designed for girls of this age.

Keep reading for more hints and tips on buying Christmas gifts for a five year old girl.


Fisher Price Magical Tea For Two

This fun little tea set contains everything needed for a fun pretend tea party for two, whether its a party for a special friend or your favorite doll. Just add some cake or cookies and a special friend or two and you're all set.


Fur Real My Walkin Pet

The Fur Real My Walkin Pup and Kitty are two of the most wanted gifts on the wish lists of small children everywhere. This fun little toy is sure to bring hours of joy to children everywhere and it makes a great gift for a small child who wants or loves pet.

The nice thing about this toy is the fact that you have your choice of either a puppy or a cat, which makes everyone happy whether you love cats or dogs.


Buy A Baby Doll For Christmas

Little Mommy Play All Day Baby

This cute little doll is one of the most asked for baby dolls this Holiday season. So you might want to be prepared for the possibility of it selling out before Christmas. Doll reacts to stimulus with cute little sounds and silly phrases.

This adorable little doll is available as a blonde or Hispanic version which is also bilingual.

Little Mommy Real Loving Baby Walk And Giggle Doll

This cheerful and interactive little doll learns to walk, talk and loves to play peek-a-bo. Doll comes with a bottle, blanket, pacifier and toy puppy.


MobiGo Touch Learning System

This portable handheld gaming system plays fun educational games that allow your child to have fun while learning. Game system is designed for children ages 36 months - 8 years.

Game system comes with one game but you're probably going to want to at least pick up a couple more games to go with it.

The MobiGo Carry Case stores extra games as well as providing protection for the MobiGo game system.


christmas gift ideas for a 5 year old girl
christmas gift ideas for a 5 year old girl

Buy My Little Pony Toys For Christmas

Believe it or not, My Little Pony is as popular with little girls today as it was when their mom was a little girl.

Many moms enjoy taking a trip down memory lane, as they watch their little girls playing with and getting the same enjoyment from the cute little ponies as they did as young children.

Your daughter will enjoy many fun hours playing with and collecting the cute little ponies.


Buy A Barbie Doll For Christmas

When it comes to classsic toys some things never change. Which is why Barbie is just as popular with little girls today as she was fifty years ago with their grandmothers.

When it comes to Barbie you will find that there are tons of different dolls available. This can make choosing just one a little difficult.

I've listed just a few of the many popular barbies available with newest and one of the most popular one being the Barbie Video Girl Doll.

Of course Barbie needs a nice house to go along with her glamorous lifestyle so you might want to take a look at this Barbie Glam Vacation House. This glamorous house features two stories and numerous accessories like a couch, bed and breakfast bar.


Play Kitchens

Every child enjoys pretend, just give them spoons and a few pots and pans and they are usually pretty happy. So you can imagine how much a five year old girl would love to have her very own kitchen to entertain her friends and cook pretend meals.



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