Christmas Gift Ideas For Teenage Girls

Big things come in small packages...
Big things come in small packages...

Choosing The Perfect Gift For A Teenage Girl

Let's face it. Buying a desirable gift for your teenage daughter that is both fitting and satisfying is an extremely daunting task. Teenage girls are involved in school activities, hanging out with their friends, and boyfriends and very busy establishing their own identity. The gifts you bought last year are probably long gone, buried in a drawer somewhere very outdated.

Teenage girls love getting new things, and there is something new coming out every other day, so how do you keep up? And how do you decide what your teenage girl will like, and appreciate? Not to worry, here you will find a short list of gift ideas just perfect for a teenage girl.

Keep your ears and eyes open, listen very carefully to what your teenager is saying, what hints she is dropping. Jot down the things she mentions she wants. Ask her what she would like for Christmas, be careful on this one, she may suggest a new car, and that may not be in your budget, or perhaps it is, and your teenage girl will be getting a shiny new car this year. But for practical purposes we will explore less expensive gifts.

Colorful lights perk up a drab room
Colorful lights perk up a drab room | Source

Christmas Gifts Ideas For Your Teenage Girl

String Lights - Teenage girls like glistening soft lighting, stringing them around the mirror or vanity is an excellent choice. I've seen the young girls in my family tack the lights around their entire room. Choosing a string of soft white lights works wonderfully for that soft touch of ambience. Colored lights softly brighten up a room. Teens will sit in the dark and agonize while doing homework, ask them if they want a light on and, "no I can see" is the answer you are more than likely going to get. However they will turn that pretty string of lights on too illuminate the room enough to see and feel cozy.

Compact Digital Cameras - Teenage girls love taking pictures. With a small compact digital camera they can carry it everywhere with them and click to their heart's content. If you choose this option, do not forget to buy a memory card to go along with the camera. A 8MB is an excellent choice. Your teen will be able to store up to a thousand photo's depending on the megapixal of the camera.

Posters - Find out who or what your teen is into and buy posters. What teenage girl doesn't like to fill her bedroom space with posters? Remember this, teenage girls change their preferences like lightning. What was in last week, is on the way out this week. My niece has her wall plastered with Johnny Depp's Alice In Wonderland, and now she is into Josh Hutcherson from Hunger Games So beware! Tastes change quickly.

Jewelry - You cannot go wrong when you are buying jewelry. Every teenage girl loves a pair of sparkling earrings, bracelets and rings. And if you have a teenager that has other piercings like a belly, eyebrows, lips or a tongue, then you have a huge selection to pick from. When you go into the jewelry store, I am sure you will have no problem finding a salesperson to help you pick out the proper piece of jewelry for her piercing. Silly Bandz are another hot item, they are getting very popular, they have exciting themes teenage girls really enjoy.

Pre-Paid Credit Cards - These are so much better than a gift card. Because with a pre paid-credit card your teenage girl can go anywhere she wants to spend it. With a gift card you have to spend it at all in one place. This way she can buy whatever it is she has been wanting to buy, at different stores if she so chooses. These are readily available at many stores like Wal-Mart, Meijer and K-Mart. You should have no problem finding them.

Christmas Gift Baskets - These are perfect little baskets full of treasures sure to make your teenage girl happy. You can include positively anything and everything. What does your teenager like? Perfumes, jewelry, decorative socks, undies, bath items, shampoo, toothbrushes, make-up, money, school stuff, picture frames, magazines, treats and other favorite items you think your teenage girl will like. A gift basket is perfect because it is made with love.

Magazine subscriptions - Teenage girls like to read about the latest fashions, and buzz going on in the world around them. Imagine how excited your teen will be receiving a magazine or two in the mail every month about fashion, the latest trends, celebrity gossip and other fun things they enjoy.

Some Magazine Ideas:

  • Seventeen/Teen Vogue: Fashion , art, photography, beauty, style, and career
  • CosmoGirl: Fashion, beauty, parties & prom, and college life
  • Girls Life: Boys, life, your body, fun stuff, health and fitness
  • J-14: Teen celebrity magazine, teen celebrity interviews, news and gossip
  • Twist: Teen celebrity magazine, scoops, teen gossip, polls, and news
  • Discovery Girls: Articles on school, sports, friendship, games, and girl empowerment

Ringtones - Your teen is going to love receiving ringtones if she has a cell phone. There are many ways you can go about letting your teenage girl download ringtones to her cell phone. If you have a monthly plan, you can go online and download them. There are many online websites where you can buy ringtones. Or download a music application on your teens cell phone and purchase ringtones that way.

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Comments 39 comments

crazybeanrider profile image

crazybeanrider 5 years ago from Washington MI Author

I think a camera is a great idea. My niece is never without hers...

5 years ago

ooh. i waas looking what to get for my sister, and a camera sounds amazing!! she loves to hang out with her friends and i think she would really love a camera!! thanks!

Lorindaleigh 5 years ago

You have a lot of great gift ideas! I didn't even think of the pre-paid credit card gift. That's a gaurantee win! Here are some more great Christmas gifts for teen girl

crazybeanrider profile image

crazybeanrider 5 years ago from Washington MI Author

Thanks devilfromheaven, your comment is appreciated.

Amazed- I am clueless to your comment. I have appreciated every comment I have received, and told each commenter so. I respond to each comment as best I can. I am sorry you find me defensive. None of the comments have been negative until yours. You don't know me, so a personal attack is kind of, well defensive. Sorry I disappointed you, my intention is to let others suggest what they might enjoy as gifts, and take whatever they can from my article. Not be attacked , which has nothing to do with commenting on my hub. I am sorry again that you misunderstand my comments as defensive when they are not. Thanks for your input though. Over and out!

Amazed 5 years ago

Crazybeanrider you need to chill. Your comments are so defensive! Obvisouly if people are reading this they are fine with your ideas, don't get so uptight and take things personally if they comment on your ideas! It s free world and isn't that what this site is for? Geez!

Devilfromheaven 5 years ago

Thankyou for understanding, I think that most of your hubs are really interesting!

5 years ago

girl things

deedee 5 years ago

Loved your ideas

Check this website also for the top 2011 Christmas gifts:

crazybeanrider profile image

crazybeanrider 5 years ago from Washington MI Author

Excellent blog you have there, thank you for reading.

Torince 5 years ago

Nice ideas!! Some more good ideas out here


crazybeanrider profile image

crazybeanrider 5 years ago from Washington MI Author

mum-of-tween- Thank you. I am happy my ideas gave you something to think about. I hope your daughter LOVES whatever gift she gets...

mum-of-tween 5 years ago

thank you so much for posting this. it has given me some great ideas (seeing as my daughter hasn't mentioned anything that she would like and it's driving me crazy trying to think of something she would like!!). i have written a few of the ideas down and am going to share them with my friends who have daughters the same age. thanks again

star297 5 years ago


Alexi 5 years ago

I want a pre-paid credit card

crazybeanrider profile image

crazybeanrider 5 years ago from Washington MI Author

Thank all of you for commenting and leaving your ideas what teen girls would like for Christmas. So many great ideas, it is almost impossible to pick the perfect gift!

LoveGirl 5 years ago

I am fourteen, i have NO IDEA what i want! i dont want anything over 120 pounds, actally nothing over 80 pounds, because i like my little bits, hehe, im bored of shoes and makeup and typical things, has anyone got a website or ideas of little weird things? Thankyouu

miss me 5 years ago

concert tickets or movie tickets nothing better than memories

abby 5 years ago

ipad, ghds, makeup, clothes, perfume, money, gift vouchers

Kaya 5 years ago

Girls also love stuffed Animals likw pillow pets or teddy bears :) ;D

crazybeanrider profile image

crazybeanrider 5 years ago from Washington MI Author

:) I am glad you think so. I did the best article with the teens I knew and hoped some teen girls would get the gifts they enjoyed. Money is tough and these are pretty nicely priced for gift givers as well. Thank you so much for commenting and have a wonderful Christmas!

:) 5 years ago

im a teen girl...this article =so true!

crazybeanrider profile image

crazybeanrider 5 years ago from Washington MI Author

Devilfromheaven-Thank you for the great ideas, I know every teen is different, I am sorry you don't like my suggestions. I do know a couple teen girls who gave me the ideas, so I think it is just a matter of preference. Thanks for commenting, I appreciate what you wrote.

Devilfromheaven 5 years ago

That's awesome, but im a teen and they're not all realistic for teens sorry :L

Devilfromheaven 5 years ago

Im a teen girl. And yeh I love that kinda stuff, but If you want some other idea's which never fail listen here:

Makeup- Find out what they use regularly and to go out and buy them something nice

CDS- If their a true teenager theywill have pleanty of CDS but buy them more, Im listening to music right now! I listen to it 24/7!!

Itunes/newlook/primark ETC vouchers- we love them! Buying something of our own choice!

MONEY- Every teen wants it.

Mirror(s)- YES!!!

Want more,,???

ask me (comment below!!!)xx

crazybeanrider profile image

crazybeanrider 5 years ago from Washington MI Author

Hey Maddie, forward it to her and maybe she see your name and you will get the gifts you want. I hope you get that camera and a nice gift basket :)

Maddie 5 years ago

I think the gift basket is a really good idea, and I like the camera idea too. I just hope my mum reads this for Christmas (:

crazybeanrider profile image

crazybeanrider 5 years ago from Washington MI Author

POPdaBubble-I am glad you enjoyed my ideas. I appreciate that. I know my niece enjoys many of the things I listed. Hope you get everything you wish for on Christmas.

POPdaBUBBLESxoxo 5 years ago

Great ideas thanks for posting this! I'm a teen and I needed some things to put on my wish list and your gave me some great ideas :) xoxo

crazybeanrider profile image

crazybeanrider 5 years ago from Washington MI Author

Teenager, well of course I would never buy just any poster unless I had a list of who she liked. And a pre-paid credit card is a great idea. I think it also depends on the teen, some love cash as well.

okkkkkk, Well I am sorry I didn't satisfy your needs. perhaps there is another article that will give you the advice you are looking for. I didn't create a list of gifts, I created suggestions gifts teen girls might enjoy from my own experience with teen girls. Thanks for your comment!

okkkkkkk 5 years ago

wow i was looking for actuall things not advice and im pretty sure its not that hard to buy a gift... try suggesting actual items in lists otherwise okkkkk

Teenager 5 years ago

I think some of these are great but others not so much im a teenager and string lights are not a great idea unless suggested first by your daughter and I know I would never want my parents to choses a poster for me I want my posters to be exactally my style but a pre paid credit card would be awesome

crazybeanrider profile image

crazybeanrider 5 years ago from Washington MI Author

Great ideas, not all girls have iphones and I was looking for simpler less expensive gifts in this paricular article, your ideas are great and appreciated.

Christmasideasforteenagers 5 years ago

I'm surprised that there was no mention of iPhone accessories like waterproof cases or iPlunger type gadgets.

crazybeanrider profile image

crazybeanrider 5 years ago from Washington MI Author

I agree girls love string lights, especially around the mirors.

naturalsolutions 5 years ago

I am really agree that a teen girl loves's a string lights. I can prove it on my own. But the fact is, even a single thing can make a girl happy specially when you give it on the most perfect timing.

Clare 6 years ago

In this generation today, i really think it is hard to buy gifts for teenager. They have different like now. Well, After reading this you actually gave me idea of giving my teenage sister compact digital camera. She loves pictures a lot :)

crazybeanrider profile image

crazybeanrider 6 years ago from Washington MI Author

Yes I think the Pre-Paid cards are IT this season. My niece and nephews were asked what they wanted and that is what they requested. My 14 year old niece warned me NO Justin Bieber anything. LOL! Thank you guys for reading and the great comments, I enjoy hearing them :)

pinkdaisy profile image

pinkdaisy 6 years ago from Canada

Pre-Paid Credit Cards are a great Christmas gift for Teenage Girls. This is great for getting those deals on boxing day.

I think that Justin Bieber gifts will also be popular this year.

These are great Christmas gift ideas :0)

Chris Crow profile image

Chris Crow 6 years ago

I think prepaid credit cards are a great gift. That way, your giftee has the freedom to use the card anywhere and for anything. I'd like some of those this year :)

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