Christmas Must Haves - Top Christmas Gifts for Men in 2011

Top Christmas Gifts for men - 2011 Christmas Must Haves
Top Christmas Gifts for men - 2011 Christmas Must Haves

Top Christmas Gifts For Men 2011

Worried you won't be able to buy the perfect Christmas gifts for that special person? Don't worry about finding the Christmas Must haves or top christmas gifts for that special man, we have taken the pains to update this site with the best of the best for all kinds of men- husband, boyfriend and even dad - whichever category he falls into.

Now that we have done the home work for you, no need to spend hours browsing for ties and socks in the shopping mall when all you have to do is sit back and relax while you click and do your shopping online.

Top Christmas Gifts for Men

Top Christmas Gifts for the Sports Fan Guy

Men always have some kind of hobby or interest that keeps them occupied either indoors or outdoors.Getting him a gift associated with his hobby can score you great points this Christmas.

There are all kinds of sports that men are interested in these days from soccer to wrestling to golf or even horse racing. Most times sports fanatics change their lifestyle simply to devote their energy to the team or player he fancies. Sports fans often have a desire to have objects related to their area of interest, you just need to identify their favorite and get them a gift

Top Christmas Gifts for Sports Fan

Christmas must haves for the game lover
Christmas must haves for the game lover

Must Have Christmas Gifts for Gamers 2011

Top Christmas Gifts for the Chronic Gamers

Another group of guys you may have on your Christmas list to give gifts are the chronic gamers. With games being more interactive these days especially video games, they are a christmas must have for those who love to play games.

Of course there are different brands whichever one you choose will depend on how much you are willing to spend or the person you are buying for.

there are even the compact ones which can be easily carried around and played anywhere.

Must Have Christmas Gift for the Techno Savvy Guy 2011

Top Christmas Gifts for the Techno-savvy Guy

For that special ''geeky'' man in your life who is always watching out for the latest technology trends. We know they are a expensive to keep up with, but if you are feeling a bit generous(and why not), these latest gadgets are top Christmas gifts to give. Another thoughtful gift to give is gadget accessories, I am sure they will still be appreciated.

Top Christmas gifts for the movie man
Top Christmas gifts for the movie man

Movie Fans collector items

Top Christmas Gifts for the Movie Fan Guy

Some people are just head over heels about movies, movie stars and anything to make watching movies comfortable. Give them a good movie this Christmas and let them fall head over heels in love with you. There are countless number of entertaining movies of different genres, languages and countries.

Spotlight: Christmas Must-Have Gift for men

  • Boxee (Apple TV) - The sleek new Apple TV has been completely retuned for your entertainment. It is small in size but big on entertainment. It effectively allows you to stream whatever is on your iTunes to your TV and home theater system.
  • Collector items of their favorite movie is a great gift for men who want to keep those fun memories around them. A lot of guys like adventure movies, so you can't go wrong with star wars and harry potter collector items. 

Top Christmas Gifts for the Trendy Guy

There are some men who still like to look good, by grooming themselves, using nice perfumes and dressing with designer clothings.

Grooming Kit - This all in one device is the last groomer you will ever have to buy. A full trimmer that has self-sharpening and titanium infused blades to help maintain your look. It features Washable heads, charging stand, cleaning brush

Fragrance - This is a christmas must have gift item to give. A man can never have too many. A great cologne with a fine smell is well worth it, to keep him smelling good all day long.

Accessories - There is a wide range of accessories men can wear like cufflinks, scarves, wristwatches

Wallet - This can be a very nice, stylish accessory for any man to have. A durable wallet with plenty of room for cash and credit cards with lots of compartments that are easy to access will come in really handy this christmas.

Underwear -Men are always looking for comfort when it come to their underwear. This hugo boss orange is a top of its range and will be perfect as a Christmas Gift.

Scarves - Scarves are stylish and trendy especially for those cold morning on the way to work. This timeless knitted colorful stripes style scarf creates a simple but elegant look. A guy will really appreciate this piece of clothing. It is a must have accessory for a guy who knows his stuff.

Smartouch Fleece lined gloves - These can be worn during those chilly mornings on the way to work and you can text with these gloves on! It works on all touch screens including: iPhone, Droid X, iPad, Samsung, Tom-Tom GPS system and other touch screen devices.

Top Christmas Gifts for the Do-it-Yourself Guy

The Do-it-yourself Men are not left out in receiving top christmas gifts. There is nothing like giving the perfect gift with a bit of love to make him smile this christmas, knowing that you went all out to get him a gift suited for him

Wrist-watch repair Kit - For those times you want to make little adjustments for your wrist watch without having to break the bank. This tool kit comes with everything needed to have a quick fix on your watch.

Complete Home repair Guide - In no other human endeavor is a visual guide so important as home repair. This guide has detailed how-to instructions, complete tools and materials lists, helpful hints, and troubleshooting charts. A very useful guide for the diy guy.

Denali Drill Driver Accessory Set, 79-Piece - This drill accessory set is the perfect drill bit set for the DIY-er and for the professional. You can use it to fix and repair everything in the house. It is very durable and easy to use.

A Special Gift for a Man With A Good Sense of Humor

Top Christmas Gifts to Give when you are out of Ideas

Sometimes you are out of ideas and have no clue what to give. Some wacky gifts come in handy to give a little humor for those awkward times. Give something weird and wacky this Christmas.

Spotlight: Top Christmas gift to give

  • Leather Beer Holster

This drink holder easily attaches to your belt or waistband, and the suede straps at the bottom of the beer holster tie comfortably to ensure a secure fit so your favorite beer will always be ready for that quick draw.

Top Christmas Gifts for the Outdoor Guy - There are those guys who love to spend time working and playing in the crisp fresh air. Some like to go fishing, others hunting, mountain climbing, hiking and whatever else you can do outdoors, there is no better christmas gift to give these men than valuable things they can use for their outdoor activities.

Spotlight: Must Have

  • Wind-proof Lighter - This will come in very useful for those camp fire nights and to help thaw frozen hands
  • Wind n'Go Flashlights - You do not need replaceable batteries for this, just wind it and you will have 30mins of bright light.
  • Mountain Biking shoes - They're extremely comfortable for riding, and unlike road bike shoes they're good for walking around too. This is a Christmas Must Have for the mountain bikers

Gift for the Fitness Guys

Top Christmas Gifts for Men who are Health & Fitness Nuts

Give a perfect gift to encourage a healthy lifestyle especially for the men who are health conscious. Chances are that with the new year in sight they want to be as fit as a fiddle, so give them a head start with these top christmas gifts for men.

Spotlight: Christmas Must Haves

  • Wi-fi Body scale - A digital wireless body fat monitor is what you need to monitor your body weight like nothing before. It is packed with technology, yet it's simple to use. You can monitor the long term evolution of your weight directly on a secured web dashboard
  • Adidas micoach bundle - Train right, train smart, run faster. This Pacer connects to your MP3 player to give you real-time audible coaching. Get your pace, distance, time, heart-rate and calories burned. It is useful for pretty much any type of exercise, not just running. 

Even though men don't read relationship books or magazines, they still love to keep up to date with their hobbies and interests like cars, sports, politics. The best gift to give is a magazine subscription all year round.

Spotlight: Must-Have book to read

  • Stephen King's Full Dark, No Stars - If your idea of a good time is to curl up on your couch and wonder what's next, then this is a must read.
  • Sh*t My Dad Says - A fun gift book that is bound to crack up anyone who flips through it.

Unique Christmas Gifts for Men

Top Christmas Gifts For Men Who have everything

For the men that have everything, they do not have everything we just don't know what to get them. Consider some classic items that may not be readily (or cheaply) available at the mall, something useful and inexpensive, collector items (he can never have enough).

Here are some top christmas gifts you can give to these men ''who have everything''.

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kashmir56 profile image

kashmir56 5 years ago from Massachusetts

All great Christmas gifts for men, you have enough choices of Christmas gifts to satisfy any guy.

Great hub!!!

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katrinasui 5 years ago

Great list of Christmas gifts for men. I love gaming so my vote is for PS3. Thanks for sharing these great gift ideas.

mumsaloud 5 years ago

the gift idea covers almost all types of men, great job xixi.

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