Christmas Parades and Festivals Around the World

Christmas Parades and festivals
Christmas Parades and festivals

Christmas Parades and Festivals

It feels spectacular when people around you bubbles with energy and spirits, and what more can you have other than from Christmas festival. The Christmas parades in December are perfect match of festival spirit, people around the location march with colorful costumes and playful bands. Local events takes place whereby you can see people cheering and lined up along the street watching and singing along the marching and performing artist. Bands from local school and colleges’ take part in the parade and march along long way, spreading the word of joy among people.

The Famous Christmas Parades in December

Some of the awesome Christmas parades and festivals around the world are -

Sonora Christmas festival

Christmas festivities in Sonora are worth seeing. People in the city enjoy street performers, shop for artistry gift items and buy the homemade quality foods from the sellers that prepare food with local delicacy.

Children just love the dressed elves and other colorful costumes, and sing Christmas carols that represents the freshness in the season.

SF Christmas Parade

San Francisco kicks off the Christmas festival with annual tree lighting ceremony by lighting 50-feet tall Christmas tree ornamented with gorgeous ribbons, stars and choco bars and candies.

People from near by cities also make sure to visit this up-spirited for Christmas parades and festivals.

Philadelphia Christmas Parade

Philly rich in culture and land of brotherly love enjoy Christmas in right spirits always. People hustle and bustle and enjoy the festival with their loved ones, like everyone. People shop at outdoor holiday market where sellers offer seasonal gifts that you choose among wide variety for your loved ones, homemade wares, and other items that will win your heart at first glance.

The city is rich in culture and heritage; you can also enjoy the musical treats and theatrical events that take place in the local theatres.

Worcester Christmas Fayre

The city of arts offers you to enjoy Christmas in traditional forms. You can cheer along Christmas carols with mug filled of mulled wine and enjoy the festival spirits with local fairs and produce. The shops at this particular festival season are filled with many merchandise and exotic range of owned boutique items.

People hop onto very lively pubs and restaurants and enjoy festival with togetherness.

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German Christmas Parade

Christmas in Germany is filled with joy and snow. Children bundles in winter clothes and red cheeks walk in the local street with chocolates, toys, and lights in their basket, which are sign of love and content.

The markets are filled with aroma of Christmas delicacy and eyes treat for huge snow clad Christmas tree ornamented and standing upright in the mid of the Christmas market.

Pagan festivals Christmas

It is well known that Christmas festival is influenced with Pagan tradition and thus it introduced the worshiping Christmas with Christmas tree. However, it is believed that in ancient Babylon the festival was treated as festival of nature to please Son of Isis. People with love and tradition in their heart worship Christmas tree and play songs and dance around in the festival.

People share Christmas cards and decorations and enjoy every aspect of Christmas.

England Christmas Parades

England lights up with colors and Christmas carols in December, as the festival is dominant fiesta in the country. The country believes in celebrating the festival with family and loved ones. Distant family members come close to each other, spend their holidays with each other, and share the feeling of unity. Traditionally their dinner consists of stuffed chicken and roasted potatoes; they decorate their house with lights and Christmas tree.

During Christmas, the queen addresses the nation and spread the word of carnival.

Natchitoches Christmas Parades

Natchitoches Christmas starts early in December, which draws lacs of visitors around the globe to enjoy the parade and live entertainment performances, presented by very talented and skilled Nack-a-tish performers.

The city is lighted with spectacular fireworks during the festivals and people hop towards the food fair and holiday markets for socializing and grouping.

Disneyland's Christmas Parade

Disney Christmas Parade

Disney characters are most favorite thing on earth for children. The festivals are the representation of love and joy and children are the best source to enjoy the carnival. The Disney Christmas parade starts of one month before the Christmas day. The parade is organized at various Disney theme parks around the world. All the featured Disney characters land down the streets waving public and thrilling children. This does not end here; you can see mass of musical performers and featuring celebrities in the fête.

Traditionally people held religious procession now called as parade, to spread the joy among the people. Over the time, the mode of parade and procession is being changed but they alter the true essence of Christmas carnival.

The fiesta is celebrated by the parade that normally features Santa Claus and other seasonal figures along with reunion of the family members and exchanging of gifts and greeting cards are most common but very important aspect of Christmas.

Disney Christmas Parade part 2


Princessa profile image

Princessa 6 years ago from France

So many parades too see... last year we enjoyed the Christmas Parade at Disneyland Paris. It was very cold but we enjoyed it all the same, it is much smaller than the one in the USA but my litte ones were just as happy!

dallas93444 profile image

dallas93444 6 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

Which one should I see first? So many parades, so little time.. thanks for sharing.

Kevin Peter profile image

Kevin Peter 6 years ago from Global Citizen Author

@ Christmas Parade at Disneyland Paris is a must see for kids

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