Christmas Stocking Stuffer's For Kids

Christmas is Coming!

I had just gotten all my Halloween decorations back into storage and was feeling a sense of relief that it was over, when I saw a commercial advertising Christmas.  I suddenly felt a bit panicky and checked the calendar; November first.  Oh my goodness, its only 7 weeks until Christmas.

But no worries, this year I am prepared!  I know exactly what my children are getting because I've been thinking about it for weeks and my Christmas list starts with Stocking Stuffer's!

Who Doesn't Love Stocking Stuffer's?

Its not only children who love stocking stuffer's, but this list of great stocking stuffer gifts is strictly for children and I guarantee they will be completely enchanted with everything they find in their stocking this year.

There is something magical about waking Christmas morning and finding a Christmas stocking overflowing with gifts.  And its not just about chocolate and oranges anymore.  Stocking's can be stuffed with any number of things these days, but I am here to give you my winning list for the children in your home.

Number 1 Stocking Stuffer

Ever since the movie 'The Santa Clause', my children have been obsessed with Snow Globes. They are convinced that it holds the magical world of the North Pole. They could spend hours in the pharmacy during the Christmas season shaking up all the Snow Globes for sale and watching dreamily as the flakes settled. It is my number one pick for a stocking stuffer!

Number 2 Stocking Stuffer

2. The DVD The Polar Express. This is one movie that was released before Christmas a few years back that captured the hearts of almost every child who has seen it. Trains and children, bells and elves, reindeer and Santa make this movie a must-have for children of all ages. They will watch it again and again and it will become part of the family tradition to watch that movie every year at Christmas. The Polar Express is my Number 2 pick for a great stocking stuffer gift.

Number 3 Stocking Stuffer

Most children love bubbles so its a no brainer that bubble bath will most certainly be a big hit. But why not make it even more fun and turn it into a lesson in art? Bubble Bath Paint will definitely make your children excited to take their next bath.

THE Best Card Game EVER!

Number 4 Stocking Stuffer

I have always loved UNO card game and I have yet to come across a child who doesn't enjoy it as much as I do. This card game is of course for older children, 5 and up, but UNO is always great to have during those long drives to visit family or for a family night in!

Number 5 Stocking Stuffer

LIFESAVER BOOKS! I think this is self-explanatory. I loved opening my Lifesaver Book every year at Christmas and its as part of our Christmas tradition as is turkey dinner. Your children will be absolutely thrilled with the stout, thick little book full of yummy packages of lifesavers. Its another must-have for your child's stocking.

A Wonderful Tradition...

Christmas stockings are a wonderful part of Christmas.  Children cherish everything about this magical time of year, and Christmas stockings are no exception.  So make it really special this year, and most of all, keep it simple with these 5 great ideas for stocking stuffers!  Merry Christmas All!

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