Christmas Trees in ASCII Text Art


O ASCII Tree...

I love the Christmas tree. It's my favourite Christmas holiday tradition. I like making ornaments and then sitting back with a hot chocolate to see the tree all decorated, light up, glittering and shining.

An ASCII art tree can be very simple to make. Just some slanty lines and a little something at the top of the tree and you can create a picture representing a Christmas tree. Or, you can work on something more complicated and really get into showing the Christmas tree, your feelings about it and how you see them.

Some of the simplest looking ASCII Christmas trees take awhile to work on, with getting the right shapes and moving things around to line up the way you need them. If you try to create an ASCII art Christmas tree add the link in comments. I'm going to work on a new one this month too.

Smaller ASCII Xmas Trees

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thanks for making all these. I would love to learn how to do these in a classroom and have some fun... new years cheers... count me in ... !

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