Christmas card dilemmas

With the advent of Email and texting, snail mail has fallen out of fashion except for bills and junk mail.

However there is one thing that modern tech doesn’t quite match, getting a card thought the post or by hand! Christmas time has to be the biggie, we put them on shelves, mantelpieces and hang them on the backs of doors, in fact any free space in our homes will do. They come in all sorts of designs and sizes and we love them, even the politically correct, non-denominational boring corporate Christmas cards.

It’s one of the few times as an adult you sit down and put pen to paper any more. Although some type them, the most of us use a pen to communicate with our friends, loved ones and acquaintances. It may be as little as “with love from Dave and the chickens” or it might be War and Peace on five sides of A4 but we love to do it, more importantly we love to receive them. If you could see the true meaning of Christmas, the sending of a card must be the best example of saying I am thinking of you, even if it is in crayon!

You know how far down the Christmas card list you are by what type of card you get! If it’s a small two inch square card with a robin on it and not even signed inside, you know you made someone’s the list but only just! If it’s A5 size with a 300 word message, you’re either doing a marvellous job as a friend or you need to pick up the phone and talk! If it’s in crayon or cut out bits of news print you may have upset someone!

There are so many to choose from, all different types, sizes and designs from homemade to professionally customised, it’s hard to choose.

If you want to send a card to that special person, you could make your own there are kits and sets that not only allow you to make it personal, it also makes it unique to that individual and says more than a thousand words if done right. Alternatively you could go online to the many card and gift sites that personalise your card. All you have to do is enter some details, pick the picture and it’s posted the next day. It’s that simple and relatively painless to do but although you have personalised it, it isn’t as personal as making or writing out your own card.

The other alternative is the premade packs of cards, which come in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs from religious depictions to winter scenes, thought provoking to humorous and the boring P.C corporate Christmas card with a picture of the directors on it. You can get them from almost all shops and supermarkets (from September onwards!) My favourites are the charity cards as in this current financial climate they are reasonably priced and the proceeds go to a good cause, every little bit helps.

Christmas is still a time for remembering the good people in our lives and saying I am still thinking of you, as receiving a card says you are not forgotten.

So have fun choosing and sending your cards and enjoy reading those that fall on your doormat.

Seasonal Greetings from Dave and the chickens.    


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