Christmas gifts for teachers by a teacher

I have been a teacher for nine years and I have received many Christmas presents. Some of them were great and some of then were a great thought. It is difficult buying a teacher a present because although they know your child very well sometimes you really dont know much about them.

Often in Class teachers will share information with student that a Parent may not be aware of. For example all of my student know that I love cooking. They know this because as often as I can I bring cooking into Science and to Maths. So as a first port of call I would ask your child, "what sorts of things would Mr or Miss like"

If you really have no Idea what to buy the following may help you. It certainly represents what I would like if I could If choose my presents!


book vouchers


Cups filled with candy

Special coffee/tea with a plunger

Homemade chocolates/biscuits in a nice glass container


Massage voucher

A voucher to afternoon tea

Beaded purse

Perfume sampler

Funky homemade Jewelry

Wind chimes

Essential oils and burner

Book about their Learning area eg I am science teacher so a popular science book

I know that its not personal but if you are really stuck a gify voucher for a nice store is always well received.

Although all of the above are very nice gifts,  the very best gift a teacher can receive is a personal and heart felt card describing the positive influence that they have had on an individual student.

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