Christmas Shopping Made Easy-Now and Forevermore


Christmas Shopping Made Easy-Now and Forevermore

Well, Christmas time is here once again. The holiday spirit fills the air with the sounds of the season; It's Beginning to look a Lot Like Christmas and Joy to The World ring out in every shopping mall and department store in America. Thus, the excitement of the holiday hustle begins.

I remember the days not too long ago, secretly slipping away to do my Christmas and Santa shopping. Hours of searching at a snails pace with bumper to bumper or cart to cart crowds of shopping enthusiast, all clamoring to get their hands on the last of the Star Wars merchandise. Each of us with our shopping carts loaded, standing and waiting in lines that reached the back of the store, with the latest, most sought after toy of the year.

The most vivid memory I have and one of the most stressful is the year of the Cabbage Patch doll. What a circus that was. I remember that year, I had to apply in advance for a special invitation to be eligible to possibly have the honor of adopting a Cabbage Patch child (doll). It was actually a big ordeal, but I had to do it as my precious little girl wanted to adopt a Cabbage Patch Baby, not only adopt but she had a name picked out for this doll, I mean baby. :) So, there it was, three days prior to Christmas and I still hadn't received my special invitation. I was so stressed, it was actually ruining Christmas for me. I began to call every store in town, asking for this doll. There were none and none expected to be delivered before Christmas. Frantically, I began to call all major stores in surrounding cities and towns. Still having no luck whatsoever, I started calling major stores and chains in surrounding states, with absolutely no luck. Sadly, I was preparing to tell my little girl, that there were no more Cabbage Patch children up for adoption this year. As I sat her down and looked into her twinkling little innocent eyes filled with excitement. I envisioned her thoughts of sugar plum fairies, and candy cane houses, dancing ballerinas and her very own Cabbage Patch baby. I just could not tell her. Instead, we had chocolate chip cookies, warm cocoa and sang Christmas Carols. A few minutes later, I tucked her in and read The Night Before Christmas and Frosty The Snowman as she drifted off to a magical slumber. I gazed at her peacefully sleeping, dreaming of a magical land, where all is beautiful and happy, I'm sure.

As I retreated to my bedroom, all I could think about was how disappointed she would be, when her baby was not under the tree Christmas morning. How was I to tell her? I decided to tell her the next morning, no matter how devastated she would be. I knew if I waited until Christmas morning, it could be more disappointing and possibly ruin Christmas Day. After a long cry, I finally drifted off to sleep.

I awoke the next morning engulfed in despair and dread of the terrible news I had to deliver to my little angel. As I sat sipping coffee and trying to decide the best way to approach my five year old, the phone rang. It was the call I had waited for so long! I was to be at--- a certain place at 3:30 that afternoon to apparently "complete the adoption process" I had never been so grateful, yet so angry in my life! Who do they think they are? I thought ! It's a doll and they are making a fortune off the emotions of our children. A few more moments of mental ranting went by, then I composed myself and thought of my little girl and how delighted she would be Christmas morning.

I made arrangements for a babysitter, then set out for this location. I decided I would get there early and wait to ensure that nothing else would go wrong ! it was now 1:00 and I had signed in and was now patiently waiting in a hard plastic lobby chair "the waiting room." People; young mothers entering the room and exiting a few minutes later, sometimes clutching a doll as if it were a real baby with tears in their eyes. Good grief, I thought, all this over a vinyl faced cloth doll. If I make it through this ridiculous drama, I'll never let this happen again. My 3:30 appointment time arrived, still my name was not called. I quickly inquired as to why my name hadn't been called as yet only to be told that the adoptions were running a little behind. She stated that these things sometimes take a little longer than planned. At this point, I wanted to scream, but keeping my little angel in mind, I returned to my hard cold chair. Just as all the what ifs started whirling through my head; what if they ran out of dolls, what if my doll was damaged in shipment, what if.... Suddenly a low whispered voice spoke my name, as I turned to look in the direction the voice was coming in, I noticed that the receptionist was smiling at me. As I rose from my chair and began to cross the lobby to reach the room, some of the others that were waiting also gazed at me with a smile on their face. Their expressions of awe seem to be delivering a silent message of congratulations.

Out of all the sacrifices I had made during those years; the 5:00am breakfast with Santa , Christmas shopping earlier in the year, like starting in July :). I stuck to that rule until my childrenwere grown.

Today, I'm on easy street. I still try to do my Christmas shopping early, maybe not starting in July :) but I do like to have a few gifts covered by the first of December.

I wish so badly that when my children were young, we could have had access to the best stores, gifts and shopping of all kinds from the comfort of our homes as we do now. Now days my biggest ally is the Internet, every store and shop in the world with all the most sought after and unique gift offerings at my fingertips. Gifts chosen and purchases completed while lounging in my favorite chair, wearing my most comfortable PJ's and sipping hot chocolate. A week later, my purchases delivered to my front door! What more can anyone ask for.

Because of the ease of Internet shopping these days, everyone can relax and enjoy the holiday season much more and concentrate on more important things, such as family and the real reason for the season. Reduce your stress and lighten your load, do your Christmas shopping online, I have for over ten years now and have more time for the more enjoyable activities.

This is the best way to find some of the latest, sought after Christmas gift ideas. Relax and enjoy your holidays. Let your Christmas spirit soar to new heights this year !


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Becky Puetz profile image

Becky Puetz 6 years ago from Oklahoma Author

I'm with you TinFlash, I try to do my Christmas shopping early and online too. So much more enjoyable.:)

TnFlash profile image

TnFlash 6 years ago from Tampa, Florida

Great Hub! As I've gotten older the fighting the Christmas shopping mob has become less and less appealing. I've learned to do my Christmas shopping early and online. It saves my sanity.

CMHypno profile image

CMHypno 6 years ago from Other Side of the Sun

I used to have anxiety dreams where it was late on Christmas Eve, the shops were closing and I hadn't bought any gifts. I don't know why we make it so hard on ourselves - what has happened to 'its the thought that counts'. The marketing pressures, especially on children are huge, so it would be great to be able to go back to a less commercial Christmas

images99 6 years ago

Lovely X-mas gift ideas, I like them Becky.

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