How and Why Do We Decorate Christmas Trees

Christmas tree decoration as team building activity

Christmas tree is an icon of celebration. Christmas decorations are never complete without a well ornamented Christmas tree.

The kids and grownups are all fascinated by Christmas trees. Almost everyone will have Christmas memories associated to decorating their Christmas tree. I still remember how we as kids used to have fun decorating our very own Christmas tree. I feel nostalgic about how we used to try out the different arrangements and the excitement associated to it. If you keep the emotional and religious factor out of it, I feel Christmas tree decoration is a great team building activity.

By creating a good mix of expensive decorations and cheap ones you could make a beautiful tree that isn’t too heavy on your wallet.

History of Christmas tree

No one for sure knows when and where the first Christmas tree was created. However the origin of Christmas tree can be traced back to 16th century Germany. From there it spread to Eastern Europe and then to the United States and then soon all over the world.

It is Fir and Pine that is commonly used for Christmas trees. Christmas tree farming is popular nowadays, as harvesting Christmas trees from the wild is not that feasible as in older times. These commercially grown trees are normally harvested when they are about 10 years into their growth.

People use both real and artificial symbols of Christmas trees for decorating during the Christmas season.  Over these years, artificial Christmas trees have also become popular. Cost effectiveness and storage possibilities make them attractive.

This is an evergreen and coniferous in appearance. If real trees are using for decorating purposes care should be taken to look it fresh all time. For this, the cut portion of the Christmas tree should be kept in water. The stem absorbs water and maintains freshness throughout. Artificial Christmas trees are suitable for both indoor and outdoor decorations.

How to decorate your Christmas Tree

The Easy Ways To Decorate Christmas Trees

Since Christmas tree decoration is traditionally important the whole members of a family together do the decorations.

Traditional Christmas Tree Decorations Items

. Christmas tree decorations are mainly with ornaments, colored lights, Flowers, candles, pictures, and figures of Santa, angel, cards, bows, wreaths, mirrors, different garlands, mistletoes, small colored symbols and icons. On the top of the Christmas tree there will be a symbol of angel or star. This is enough to enhance the traditional gaiety of the Christmas decorations.

  1. Christmas tree is generally decorated with various types of colored ribbons or colored accessories.
  2. Christ ornaments are the main decorative accessories of Christmas trees.
  3. Painted or colored glass is one of the important constituent of Christmas ornaments.

How Christmas Tree is Decorated with these items ?

These various types of colored ornaments are kept hanged from the branches of the tree. These ornaments with colored ribbons improve the quality of the decorations to a greater extend. The reflection of the glass materials in the ornaments enhances the beauty of the tree especially during night hours.

Apart from these the Christmas trees are decorated with colored string balls which appear as colored sprinkles all over the tree top. Colored lights are the other attraction of the Christmas trees during night. These colored lights are with led created bulbs which have got extra luminous power. Various types of small colored lights are fixed on the branches of the tree and when they glow it develop an eyecatching beauty from the decorated tree.

Christmas tree decoration with Baubles and Colored Plastic Ornaments

Another method of Christmas tree decoration is with baubles. These are hollow plastic or glass spheres with thin metallic lining. The metallic lining makes the baubles to reflect when light hits. Other accessories which are commonly used to decorate Christmas trees are colored plastic ornaments. Plastic ornaments have got wide popularity since they are capable to resemble any type of original ornaments. Moreover they are durable and can be adapted to any type of environments.

Christmas tree decoration with Animated and Wooden Ornaments

Apart from these plastic ornaments people prefer to use either animated ornaments or cartoon designed ornaments. Animated ornaments have capability to reflect during nighttime. Wooden ornaments are the other categories which commonly used to decorate Christmas trees. These ornaments are traditionally designed and available with Christmas themes. The use of wooden ornaments with Christmas theme will definitely increase the traditional gaiety of the Christmas tree decorations.

Pewter ornaments are capable to develop a modern look to the decorated Christmas tree. The shades of the pewter ornaments compete with the colors of the other decorations and thus the tree gets a graceful look totally. Nowadays various types of Christmas ornaments are widely used to decorate Christmas trees.

Christmas tree Decorations Tips

  • Colorful and glittering ribbons, shiny stars and spheres are all popular Christmas tree decorations.
  • Garlands of artificial flowers is also advisable.
  • Strings of glittering lights are also an appropriate addition to the tree.
  • You could use LEDs or tiny colored glass bulbs.
  • We normally place an Angel or a bigger star on the top of the tree.
  • Another popular decoration on the tree is tiny gift wrappings.

Christmas trees are either placed inside the house or outside. While the outside tree adds to the decoration to your courtyard, the inside one adds to your indoor decorations. If you are placing a live tree indoors for a prolonged period, make sure you take appropriate measures to keep it healthy. Trees normally tend to adjust to the indoor climate and temperature after a certain point, and if you place them back into extreme weather all of a sudden, they may have a problem.

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LensMan999 7 years ago from Trans-Neptunian region

History of X mas trees was wonderful...can you put some more images of decorated tress

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Kevin Peter 7 years ago from Global Citizen Author

Ok Lensman i will put more images......If you have images previous year decoration then send to me ,I will include the same in this hub

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You bet! You can never go wrong on what Christmas Trees symbolize that's why it becomes an icon for Christmas

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Christmas tree is an icon of celebration. Christmas decorations are never complete without a well ornamented Christmas tree.

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you didn't say anything about why we decorate trees. shocking

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Heck of a job there, it abletulosy helps me out.

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