Corporate Christmas Gifts Basket Under $ 50

frosty's treat
frosty's treat

Christmas is a time to give and share. For employer, it's time to  show your appreciation for the hard works of your employees throughout the year. So, arrange some special and unique gifts for them is a great idea. I know that the economy condition is not as good as few years ago, but sharing some warm on Christmas is not hurt. Giving is always make you feel great. All the workers and employees are big assets to the company. You could select some special gifts basket under $ 50 to share with them.

Gifts Basket Ideas

1. Chocolate Gift Basket
Nobody refuse a basket of chocolate, you may arrange the basket yourself or ask your secretary to do that. Or just have fun and arrange those baskets with your family. I think it's okay for CEOs, Managers, Directors to arrange the gifts basket yourselves. If you don't have time, try Deluxe Chocolate and Nut Collection Gift Basket Kosher from Amazon. The price is below $ 30 and it's a great assortment of goodies. Another choice is Grand Ghirardelli Chocolate Gift Basket, the price is a little bit higher than the first one but still under $ 50.

2. Grocery Gift Basket

It's common gift basket a corporate would give to the employees. If you have a consumer goods factory or store, you may arrange the basket from your own products. If not, try the Thoughtful Wishes Gourmet Food Gift Basket - SMALL  it's only $ 19.99 and Snack Lover's Gourmet Food and Snacks Sampler Gift Basket - Small fr $ 39.99.

Or, you may arrange those yourself, buy stock of groceries and set the theme, color, and design. Give your personal Christmas cards with your handwriting and deliver the gifts basket. Your employees will appreciate it much.

a sample of wine and cheese gift basket
a sample of wine and cheese gift basket

3. Wine Gift Basket

Is there a perfect occasion for sending Wine Gift Baskets? Yes, anytime! Whether you are sending a special birthday, thank you, or anniversary gift basket, sending a wine gift basket is always a clever gift idea. Give your employees a basket of wine wrapped in gorgeous packaging and your private Christmas cards, nobody will refuse it.

You may combine the wine gift basket with cheese or some cookies.

fruits gift basket
fruits gift basket

4. Fruits Gift Basket

It's always fun to celebrate Christmas with many fresh and delicious fruits, you may combine apples, grapes, oranges, bananas, citrus, strawberry, even pineapples. Add some flowers and ribbons, or combine with wine for example. Fruits are not expensive and you could make a budget below $ 50  to have a beautiful fruits gift basket.

5. Healthy Gourmet Gift Basket

If you love healthy life like low carb products, Amazon has a special product : CarbSmart Low Carb Christmas Gift Basket. Price about $ 49.99 still under $ 50 and a great contribution to healthy living.

6. Coffee Gift Basket
Arrange special coffee powder like from Starbuck, add some homemade cookies, book about coffee, etc You may also add coffee mugs or cups with special printed on it. It's really fun, or maybe because I love coffee and I enjoy to share my favorite coffee with some friends.

7. Home and Bath Spa Gift Basket
If you are a woman and you run your own company, well there are so many woman managers and CEO's out there. Try some home and bath spa as a gift for Christmas. Give them some of your favorite home and bath spa, like green tea or lavender. Combine with aromatherapy candle and essential oils for relaxing, your employees need relaxation too this Christmas. And it's great you always may arrange something under $ 50, like two bottles of bath gel, brush, body cream and soap.

8. Home and Garden Gift Basket

Another idea of corporate gift is home and garden tools. You don't have to love gardening to give a basket of garden's tools or about gardening. You may arrange some flower seeds bags, gloves, gardening books, etc

9. Cheese Lover Gift Basket
Combine your favorite cheese with cheese cookies, book of cheese, cheese sticks, cheese grater, and many more.

10. Clothing Gift Basket
A basket full of clothing products are always welcomed. Like winter clothing products, sweaters, gloves, jackets, and many more. Choose a unisex clothing products that could be worn by men or women.

Important things in arranging Christmas gifts baskets for employees are give the gifts from your heart, give something that is useful for them. I don't include the baby products because not all employees are married or have baby or kid. The Corporate Christmas gifts are something that employer could share with their employees, if the items above are still expensive, you still arrange them yourself. Please don't skip the Christmas gifts to the employees. Have a Wonderful Christmas everybody!

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DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

DeBorrah K. Ogans 7 years ago

Febriedethan, These are some very thoughtful and practical gift basket ideas. This is a great selection, they will make great gifts. Thank you for sharing, Blessings!

febriedethan profile image

febriedethan 7 years ago from Indonesia Author

DeBorrah, great to see you again! I'm glad if you like it. Have a wonderful Christmas, God Bless You!

coalgaggifts 7 years ago

We Wish You a Merry Christmas,

We Wish You a Merry Christmas,

We Wish You a Merry Christmas,

And a Happy New Year!

Naughty Employees and Staff –

Well, we all have some!

Give them a Gag Gift from: !

We Wish You a Merry Christmas,

We Wish You a Merry Christmas,

We Wish You a Merry Christmas,

And a Happy New Year!

febriedethan profile image

febriedethan 7 years ago from Indonesia Author

Even naughty employees need some gift basket :) Hope your holiday will be merry and bright!

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