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Crystal: First Class, Elegant Gifts for Your Colleagues and Employees

Because of the wide array of gift items on the market, it can be difficult choosing a corporate gift that will be the most beautiful and meaningful to the recipient.

You don't want to buy the same old boring corporate gifts that everybody has chosen in the past. You want something that will speak of class and distinction.

If this is the case, you might wish to spend a little time looking at crystal items? Crystal gifts can convey a sense of class and distinction that will help people to remember you and your company.

Considerations for Choosing the Perfect Gift

There are a large variety of crystal gift items available from which to choose. Before doing so, however, it is a good idea to consider the following factors:

  • Who are you going to be giving the gift to? Perhaps the recipients will be employees who have been with the company for a number of years. Crystal corporate gifts can be a nice way to show your appreciation for their contributions and their participation in the success of the company, and are something they will surely appreciate. Crystal corporate gifts can be perfect for business colleagues and executives as well. First class corporate crystal gifts come in the form of plaques, clocks, paperweights, golf trophies and much more.
  • How much you are willing to spend? Crystal corporate gift items range from surprisingly reasonable to quite costly, but most, if you are at all concerned about quality, are going to be higher-priced than many other corporate gift items you might give, so keep this in mind.
  • What event are the gifts for? Common gift giving occasions for companies and corporations are annual holiday celebrations and company anniversaries. These can be the best time to give corporate gifts, since many people are assembled together in celebration. Crystal gifts can be the highlights of such an occasion because of their widespread and universal appeal.

Customization and Personalization

One of the advantages of corporate gift giving is in circulating the name of your company and in promoting your products and services, and corporate gifts can succeed in making you bettered remembered.

As fine, elegant pieces, crystal gifts are perfect for displaying anywhere and they can be made even more distinctive by personalizing them through engraving, embossing or imprinting the name of your company. There are specialty shops that provide such items at reasonable cost. You may want to buy crystal items from shops that can perform the etching services for you.

When opting for such personalization, be sure to allow ample time for doing so, since crystal items are delicate and must be handled with care.

Crystal items can be beautiful accessories both for the home and offices of employees, and giving them will make your company name more visible - certainly an excellent form of promotion.

Optical Crystal Apple Paperweight - Desktop Gift
Optical Crystal Apple Paperweight - Desktop Gift

Elegant crystal apple paperweight makes a beautiful accent for anyone's desk. Ideal for lovers of healthy food, schoolteachers, and anyone who appreciates the beauty of nature's forms, this is a great gift for showing your appreciation of someone. It's called an optical paperweight because of the way it catches and dissipates the light.

Crystal Candy Favor in Gift Box, 1
Crystal Candy Favor in Gift Box, 1

Elegant crystal favor, with its multifaceted center and its silver wrapped “ties” at each end, is designed to look like a piece of delicious wrapped candy, and it comes in a beautiful decorative box.

Chatt Clear with Swarovski PP24 Crystal FOLDING Purse Hook in Gift Box & Pouch
Chatt Clear with Swarovski PP24 Crystal FOLDING Purse Hook in Gift Box & Pouch

Solid steel purse hook can hold up to 20 pounds and includes genuine Swarovski crystals in its design. It is available with a center in chatt silver, pink, purple or blue. Lifetime warranty.

GIFT SET FOR HER! Glitter Galore Heart Compact Mirror and White Pen w/ Crystal and Flask
GIFT SET FOR HER! Glitter Galore Heart Compact Mirror and White Pen w/ Crystal and Flask

"Glitter Galore" Heart Compact comes with a matching white and crystal clip pen as well as a flask with white crystals and a plate suitable for engraving. Makes a great gift for any woman in your office.

8 Inch Crystal Bowl
8 Inch Crystal Bowl

Beautiful crystal bowl measures a full 8" in diameter and consists of 24% full lead crystal for that extra sparkle. It can be engraved with the message of your choice with an engraving area of 5" x 2.5". A deluxe gift box is included.

Rectangle Beveled Crystal Paperweight
Rectangle Beveled Crystal Paperweight

Rectangular beveled crystal paperweight makes a great corporate award with a large engraveable area. Made of beautiful optical crystal, so named because of the way it collects and refracts light. Comes complete with gift box.


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Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Classic Wood Truck with Gourmet Snacks
Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Classic Wood Truck with Gourmet Snacks

This charming wooden Model-T style truck is filled with goodies that is sure to please the antique car buff in your life. A great gift for home or office, the keepsake truck will continue to serve as a decorative accent long after the goodies are gone. Comes shrink wrapped and tied with a bow, ready for gift giving.

Cross Elegant Corporate Executive Gift Combo , Townsend Tuxedo Pen and Cross Tuxedo Cufflinks Set in Boutique Quality Gift Box
Cross Elegant Corporate Executive Gift Combo , Townsend Tuxedo Pen and Cross Tuxedo Cufflinks Set in Boutique Quality Gift Box

Elegant cross pen boasts smooth flowing ink and comes with a lifetime warranty. This precision writing instrument has a futuristic look and feel and makes a fine gift for men. Comes with a stylish cufflink set in a quality gift box.

Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Sweet Sensations Cookie, Candy and Treats Gift Basket, Large (Chocolate)
Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Sweet Sensations Cookie, Candy and Treats Gift Basket, Large (Chocolate)

“Sweet Sensations" variety pack comes in an attractive decorator basket framed with ivy and topped with a bow. Available in small, medium and large. You can include a personalized message by selecting "GIFT" during checkout.

Oriental Furniture Soapstone Dragon Phoenix Mystery Ball
Oriental Furniture Soapstone Dragon Phoenix Mystery Ball

Give a gift of the exotic with this 5 inch Oriental stone dragon and phoenix oriental mystery ball paperweight. The handcarved soapstone features three spheres within each other. The Yin-Yang motif is said to balance household energy, and it is guaranteed to be a great conversation piece.


Personalizing Custom Corporate Gifts

Perhaps when looking in the gift marketplace you are having difficulty finding interesting items that have that special touch and exude quality, items that will help you in your goal to foster business relationships with others in your field.

Corporate gift giving means strengthening business relationships and its benefits can never be underestimated. Success in this arena can foster interest in your company. Therefore, you want to please your recipients and maintain a fruitful relationship with them.

If you are having difficulty finding the perfect gifts in the marketplace, why not customize what is already available? There are many ways to do so and many places online from which you can get ideas.

Why Customize?

A little customization and personalization can transform the same old boring gifts into something new and different and which express the amount of thought and effort you put into them. This can increase the level of appreciation for your gift on the part of the recipient.

You can have the item printed, engraved or etched with your company's name or logo or you can add a proverb or slogan to make the gift even more appropriate. This is sure to enhance the significance of any corporate gift or personal item.

There are a myriad of custom corporate gifts that you can personalize. These range from clocks, crystal items, calculators, bracelets, bags, caps, pictures, globes, silver items, plaques, pens, keychains, stationery and even chocolates.

A Few Point To Keep In Mind

There are a proliferation of specialty shops that cater to personalizing corporate gifts and a bit of online research will likely turn up the one that is best for you.

Pay attention to the time estimates that the website specifies, especially if you're having items personalized in bulk, and be sure to plan ahead so as to give them enough time to get the job done.

If you are unclear about something, be sure to ask the online representative on such matters as requirements, timetables and deadlines to ensure that your item is not late when the special gift giving occasion rolls around.

There are sites that provide a myriad of appropriate gift items and you need only to specify the type of personalization you desire. Alternatively, you could look for local specialty shops that perform personalization of gifts that you provide to them.

Ultimately, the extra care and thoughtfulness that you put into personalization is sure to make the gifts you give especially appreciated.

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