Cosmic Gift Giving

Gift giving is something that has different meanings for everyone. Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Solstice or Christmas, most of us will fret over the perfect gift for someone. My gift to you this year is an astrological guide to gift giving. The following can be used for Sun or Moon signs.

Aries - They need experiences - tickets to sporting events, karate lessons, tattoos, body piercing, Anything red, mirrors and gift certificates work well too!

Taurus - A present is a present to the Bull, but a present they'll love may be any kind of art, concert tickets, chimes, nice lotions or oils, gardening tools, keepsakes, a ring, something silk or anything else that might cost a pretty penny.

Gemini - Give the guy some information! Books, Cd's, newspaper or magazine subscriptions are dandy. Hi- tech gadgets that allow endless communication are also sure to please, but never underestimate the joy one finds in a nice pen.

Cancer - Give these Moon babies something to nurture like house plants or Beta fish. They'll also appreciate anything that relates to their home or children, or perhaps a photo album for all their many Kodak moments.

Leo - They may fancy gold, but really the lion just wants to be king of the jungle. Name a star or arrange a party in their in their honor. Feed their creativity with their artistic tools and bring out the inner child by providing games or anything that's just fun.

Virgo - I'm pretty sure any Virgo would appreciate a Swiffer Wet Jet, but you might also try essential oils or Aromatherapy products, tool boxes for the manly types or anything that promotes efficiency or organization.

Libra - If you want to give them something that they won't take back, give them yourself. Believe it or not, those cheesy "Good for one massage" coupons really work - as do candles, music and lingerie.

Scorpio - Chances are they'll either love or hate what you give them, but if you must take your chances try any thing that relates with sexuality or spirituality. They may also relish in a good mystery novel, a reptilian pet or a contribution in their name to a local charity.

Sagittarius - A plane ticket to some adventurous place would be ideal, but a day trip to the zoo would probably do the trick. Horse back riding lessons, lottery tickets or the latest metaphysical book would also make nice stocking stuffers.

Capricorn - As long as it's not too cheap but not too expensive you'll have a winner. Whatever you give them make sure it's constructed well, has a warranty and is practical. Don't waste your money on foo foo stuff.

Aquarius - Make a donation to the World Peace fund in their name or buy something that gives a certain percentage to a favorite charity. Try an astrology reading, the latest DVD or the best selling book on the market.

Pisces - Crystal balls, puzzles or a book about mythology are sure to tickle their fancy. Give them magic beans, fairy dust or blow them a kiss. They'll see the true gift in your love.

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