Cupcake Party Ideas

Who doesn't love cupcakes? I mean, really! The perfect sized piece of cake, individually decorated, in a cute little paper holder. Bite sized, fun, and delicious! It's no wonder people throw parties centered around them.

What? You've never hosted a Cupcake Theme Party? That's just crazy! Here's your chance! A cupcake theme is great for birthdays, baby or wedding showers, or just for the heck of it.

In this Hub, I'll share some fun ideas on how to make your Cupcake Themed Party a hit. The main trick? Don't eat all the cupcakes before the party!

Cupcake Party Invitations

When planning a party, invitations are important. Your invite is the first impression made on your potential guests. Be sure to send them out at least three weeks in advance to allow time for your invitees to pencil you in.

Choose cupcake themed invitations (you can find them at any party supply store or online) and add a little bit of flare to the invitations. Sprinkling candy confetti inside the envelope, sticking cupcake themed stickers on the outside of the envelope (try to find cupcake scented scratch and sniff stickers!), or adding colorful cupcake themed stamps to your envelope will make a great first impression.

Another cute idea is to send out your invites on cupcake themed recipe cards. On the right are some invitations, recipe cards, and cupcake flare from Amazon:

Cupcake Party Decorations

With cupcakes becoming a favorite theme for parties, finding cupcake decorations has become pretty easy. Most department stores (such as Walmart, Kmart, and Target) will have a moderate supply of cupcake themed decorations. But, as usual, the best place to go would be your local party supply store.

They'll feature party supply kits which will include disposable dishware (plates, cups, bowls, napkins, and utensils), table clothes, balloons, streamers, and more depending on the complexity of the kit. In addition, you'll be able to find added touches like window decals, banners, baking cups, cupcake tiers, and decorating kits.

Cupcakes are usually decorated with pastel colors, so I would suggest decorating in that theme. Sprinkle confetti--if you dare--and be sure to have plenty of decorated cupcakes everywhere!

Look to your right to see a handful of Cupcake Themeed Party decorations on Amazon:

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What Does One Do At A Cupcake Party?

Well, besides gorge on delicious cupcakes, one may try their hand at decorating! Whether the party is for kids or adults, you're guest will have a blast decorating their very own cupcakes.

Bake plenty of different cupcakes before the party in a variety of different flavors. Allow your guests to choose a half dozen or so that they can decorate and take home with them as party favors.

Have many different colors of frosting available along with nozzles and frosting bags, plenty of cupcake toppers like sprinkles, berries, miniature candies, and other cupcake toppers you can find at your local party supply store or bakery/pastry shop, and of course, an accessible kitchen sink for washing supplies in between decorating!

Everyone will have their own skill level, but the important thing to remember is that no matter how a cupcake is decorated, it still tastes great! Here is a video you can share with your guests to help them in decorating their own cupcakes:

Cupcakes Year Round!

Now, you really don't need an excuse to throw a Cupcake Themed Party. I mean, cupcakes are good anytime of the year, right? But the really great thing about these little delicious treats is that they go so well with holidays!

If you're hosting a holiday party, be sure to serve cupcakes decorated in the holiday theme. Check out these great pics of holiday themed cupcakes:

Wrapping It All Up...

So, as stated before, the main trick to pulling off a successful Cupcake Themed Party is to not eat all of the cupcakes before your guests arrive! Another tip I can give you is to send your guests away with great party favors.

In addition to the cupcakes they've decorated themselves, here are some cute parting gifts you can give your guests:

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Au fait 4 years ago from North Texas

Very pretty, and I bet they're easy too. I especially like the ones with strawberries and the little turkeys.

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brandasaur 4 years ago from Planet X

We dont use Turkeys here, the little turkeys makes my mouth water. And the violet cupcakes! Waah! So beautiful and sweet. They caught my eyes when i saw them in my Hubpages feed. ?

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