Cute Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Young Couples

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Having sweethearts in your teenage years sound scary and exciting at the same time. Handling romantic relationships too soon could be overwhelming. But you can tell me....because I've been through those old times! Yes, I belong to the old times but it doesn’t mean I cannot understand how the new generation works. There will be compromises but definitely I will not be a KJ (killjoy) Mommy. I have prepared myself how I would handle situations like boys asking permission to visit my teen daughter in the house, asking her for a dinner date and the like. Though my daughter sees herself as less likely to have a boyfriend soon, she promised to be open to me and to always ask me for advice...thank God! / CC BY-SA 2.0 / CC BY-SA 2.0

As I prepare myself for this stage of my parenting journey, I have to look at the positive side of having a sweetheart while still young...the joy that a relationship can bring to your child as they engage in clean fun...the confidence it brings having somebody to rely on...the maturity that goes with having to handle their emotions as they go through the ups and downs of the relationship.  I know that I have to remind myself that showing my trust in my daughter on this matter is like filling her bucket that would make her be more responsible and worthy of that trust. 

While conditioning myself not to become a KJ Mommy, I got across some cute Valentine’s Day gift ideas for young sweethearts.  Parents can even suggest these to their teeners and be a cool dude in the eyes of their son or daughter!

Puppy Dog "You Have A Spot In My Heart" Plush Valentine's Day Stuffed Animal Gift

This is a spotted black-and-white puppy dog holding a red heart that reads "You have a spot in my heart".  This may sound corny to the oldies but tickles the heart of youngsters in love.  It is okay for a girl to give this to her boyfriend.


Another cute idea is to give each other extraordinary pens.  Choose colorful and wacky designs to have a good laugh when the gift box is opened and to brighten his/her mood every time the pen is used.  You can even agree to use the pen only when writing love notes for each other. 

KBF52005 Split Heart Kissing couple keychain - Gift for couples

Having two key chains in one, attached by a magnet, and each person gets to keep one.  Unite the key chains every time you are together. Isn’t that cool?

Chocolate Roses - Long Stem Rose Chocolate Candies in Handwrapped Red Foil

Your someone special will really be overwhelmed with this two in one gift...roses and chocolates.  One dozen long-stemmed rose chocolates presented in a classic long-stem rose box.  Ooops sorry, the vase is not included.  You may include a personalized gift message to make it more romantic.


If you are thinking of something to give that is functional and used very often, then a key purse and wallet would be a good idea. Every time the gift is used, the sender is remembered. This gift idea comes in many colors and designs and made from terry velour fabric with patent leather trim. Knowing her favorite color is a plus. Before you wrap it, remember to put a photo of the two of you taken during your happy moments and a coin for prosperity. A note saying “you hold the key to my heart” would be very romaaaaantic!

Fresh Flower Bouquet

What could be more romantic than receiving a bouquet of fresh flowers with personal message? Teenager or not, this gift is sure to warm the heart.

Includes Gerbera Daisy, Meteor or Florette Asters, Mini Carnations Roses, Matsumoto and Hannah Asters, Micro Pompoms, accented with Bear Grass, Eucalyptus and greens. Flowers arrive in a specially designed box to protect the quality and freshness during shipping.

Valentine's Day Disaster (Geronimo Stilton, No. 23) (Paperback)

This is a story about Geronimo Stilton’s Valentine’s Day in New Mouse City, Mouse Island.  What better time to read this book than on Valentine’s day?  My daughter whose birthday falls 3 weeks from Valentine’s Day, got this book as a birthday present from a friend.  I read it and find it filled with humour and moral lessons.

Geoff & Drew's Valentine's Day Sweethearts Solid Heart Box of Gourmet Milk Chocolates 2lbs

Even if the saying is true that ‘it is the thought that counts”, try not to give an ordinary chocolate to your special someone on this very special day.  Show the sweetness of your love thru this box of heart-shaped, rich, gourmet milk chocolates elegantly packed in a red heart-shaped box with heart patterned ribbon.

Giant 48" Friendly Teddy Bear - Huge Soft Jumbo Stuffed Plush Bear - Perfect for Valentine’s Day Or Anytime - Color: White

Impress your loved one with this giant Teddy Bear made of soft polyester premium plush stuffing.  It has a big red bow ribbon around neck and a smiling face.  So soft, huggable and squeezable that even oldies will be delighted to receive one.

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prettydarkhorse profile image

prettydarkhorse 6 years ago from US

cute indeed, you have the right things posted here and you have a great taste too on what to give, you love to give, hehe, typical Filipina, Thanks mama, Maita

Mama Sez profile image

Mama Sez 6 years ago from Canada Author

Yes I do Maita...and I love to shop too! Thanks for dropping by.

festersporling1 profile image

festersporling1 6 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

Good ideas Mama Sez. :)

Mama Sez profile image

Mama Sez 6 years ago from Canada Author

Thank you festersporling, glad you like them. Thanks also for following me. Happy hubbing :)

ndasika 6 years ago

With valentine coming, you hub is insightful. The idea of being open to your daughter is encouranging because with love and break-ups, you will be able to provide your daughter with that shoulder to rely on. Thanks for the tips.

hari kumar 6 years ago

Valentine's day is really a great day

Mama Sez profile image

Mama Sez 6 years ago from Canada Author

I really am trying to be an understanding and dependable buddy for my kids without them crossing the line...they should not lose their respect for me as their mother... A balancing act I guess. Thank you very much for leaving your comment, I really appreciate it ndasika:)

@hari kumar, thanks for your comment. Advanced Happy Valentine's Day :)

Just Me(:  6 years ago

hiya! im a teen, and some of these were reallllllly cute! Like the chocolate roses, i would die if someone gave them to me! but some were also a little the wallets? my mom showed me this site and was like, momma, if you picked it, it aint cool! but, some of the ideas were awesome, like the chocolate roses and the lifesize teddies! but the othere, i guess i could do without!

Mama Sez profile image

Mama Sez 6 years ago from Canada Author

Hi Just Me, I really appreciate having a feedback from a teener like you so I would know what my daughter who is a preteen, would most likely appreciate and what my son should give a girl. I must say, I like your taste! Thank you very much for your comment. Happy Valentine's Day :)

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