Halloween Outdoor Decorations for Under $25.00

Halloween has become the unofficial start of the holiday season. It is the one occasion where both adults and children can dress up and indulge their imaginations on the same day, albeit at separate parties. It's easy to decorate for Halloween, below are some great decorations that will set the mood and make your house the one that kids will approach with trepidation and with eagerness to satisfy their curiosity and their thrill. Your house will be the one most kids will talk about because it was so much fun.

Sinister Skull with Lantern

Have this sinister skull with the lamp, light the way to your door! Trick or treaters will tremble with fear as they come to your house and see this small skeleton or several small skeletons, seemingly rise from your lawn, to greet them.

A Pair of Skeleton Flamingos

Your house will be so scary cool when everyone sees these two skeleton flamingos looming up your front yard. Made of molded black plastic and painted on bones, this pair will consist of one flamingo with a long neck measuring 30 inches long and a flaming with a shorter neck that's 27 inches long.

12" Talking Tree Decoration

Startle your trick-or-treaters, old and young, when they pass your tree as they come to your door and it says, "You! Hey you! Yeah you! Come over here! Haven't you ever seen a talking tree before?" or "Welcome to my branch office. Now make like a tree and leave." or another thing entirely (spoken phrases may vary).  Made of hard plastic, this tree is battery-operated using 3 AA" batteries (not included) and is motion activated.  The eyes light up and change colors (yellow to red to green) and the mouth moves when it talks.

Great Scary Halloween Decoration Idea

For a really scary effect, take several tombstones and place the lawn skeleton, skeleton pirate, and the animated scupture in front of each tombstone and it will look like they are rising from the grave!

RIP Tombstone

This 22" marker features a skull and crossbones design and bold raised R.I.P. lettering. Metal ground stakes are included with graveyard markers. Made with foam, it is very detailed and authentic-looking.

Light-Up Lawn Skeleton

Stick him in the ground and create a spooky graveyard scene. Skeleton is battery operated and will light up your yard. Head measures 5 1/2" x 6". Legs 11" and arms 15".

Animated Hex Halloween Sculpture

His name is Hex and he is an animated sculpture made of durable and high quality materials, so this would be a splurge buy. It is animated, so expect it to move around and make noise. Very scary looking!

Ground Breaker Pirate - 21"

What a scary surprise to see a pirate skeleton sticking out of the ground!

Hanging Skeletal Demon

Place this demon under the the ceiling of your porch or under a branch of your tree and it will look like it's swooping down at you. This Hanging demon has a 40" wing span! Comes with a header card for hanging. Indoor and outdoor. Demon is made out of styrofoam and plastic with adjustable wings. Hang by its attached string and pose it! Great decoration for your ghoulish Halloween party. This is a decoration and not a toy.

Skull Head Figurine

Buy five of these and scatter them around your lawn for a creepy effect. A realistic skull crafted in alabastrite. 6 1/2'' x 4 1/4'' x 4 5/8'' high.


To make these skulls even scarier and light up in the dark, place some mini lightsticks inside the skulls so that it looks like they have glowing eyes! These lightsticks will glow for 8-12 hours and fade over the next 36 hours. Bend the lightsticks and shake up the tube to make the sticks glow. They have a two-year shelf life.

A Gargoyle to Guard Your Door

Now you can have your own gargoyle watch trick-or-treaters over your door. Why should Notre Dame be the only building with gargoyles?  This foot-tall sinister creature will follow them with glowing eyes!

Witch Cauldron Inflatable Cooler

Once inflated, park this witch on your porch or lawn, place some dry ice in the cauldron/cooler and it makes for a cool and scary effect. It's 4' high and made of plastic.

Or, if you're having a party, use the cauldron to keep your cans or bottles of soda or beer cool and make your friends laugh and breaks the ice for fun conversations.

Happy Halloween House Flag

Here's a cheerful decoration to put out your door to let everyone know that you love celebrating Halloween.

Who's screaming?! Was that a werewolf I heard?!

For great sound effects play this CD in your player and attach it to some speakers and hide it somewhere in your porch and your Halloween visitors will be hearing realistic screams, scary screeches, clanking chains and blood-curdling howls as they come up to your doorstep. Will they dare to ring your doorbell?

If you're planning a Halloween party with a scary, haunted maze, these soundtracks make for a great ghoulish introduction or background as your intrepid guests make their way in the dark labyrinth of the scary maze.

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