Diary of a Wimpy Kid Birthday Party Favors

With the much anticipated Diary of a Wimpy Kid Movie hitting theaters the kids will be looking to have a Diary of a Wimpy Kid Birthday Party Theme. This book is loved by kids of all ages and now it will be even more popular being it has been made into a movie. If your kids have read the book series than they are no doubt fans of the Characters Greg, Rodrick, Rowley, Manny and all the others. If they have not then they will be when they see the movie. My kids are HUGE fans and even though I have not read the book series myself - I am really looking forward to seeing the movie as well.

Anyway, I have created this page to share with you some ideas on Diary of a Wimpy Kid Party Favors you can send the kids home with. So come along as I share some really fun ideas....

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Books

Of course the obvious party favor would be to send the kids home with a Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book. The only problem with that is most kids have already read them all. So if you choose to do this I would ask the parents ahead of time if they have read them all or what book they are up to in the series. I love nothing better than to give a child a book and promote reading.

Currently there are 5 Books in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series:

  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid:(Red Book) 1
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules (Blue Book) 2
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw (Green Book) 3
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days (Yellow Book) 4
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Do it Yourself (Orange Book) *This book is not part of the story, but more an activity book that allows the kids to create their own story - which is lots of Fun*

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book #5 will be coming Summer 2010 so stay tuned for the book all the kids are waiting for. The fifth book in the series will be about Greg's last year of middle school and the title has yet to be released.

The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary

Now this Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book was created for the Movie and may be one that the kids do not have as of yet. This book takes the kids behind the scenes with Jeff Kinney the author and illustrator of this book series. This book is filled with photographs, script pages, storyboard sketches, costume designs, and original art by Jeff Kinney as he shows you how a book goes to the Big Screen.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Posters

There are lots of Diary of a Wimpy Kid Posters you can choose from and they would make a fun party favor. If you choose this option I would also send them home with a poster hanger or some of that poster goo that allows you to hang a poster up without ruining the wall paint - Parents will thank you and it will make your party favor more complete.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Bookmarks

Bookmarks are always a great idea when your party is based around books. You can find some of the Official Diary of a Wimpy Kid Bookmarks on EBay or you can get creative and make some yourself using photos found on the internet and some heavy cardstock paper.

Just have fun with it and I am sure you can create some fun and original bookmarks on your own.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid T-Shirts

I am sure all the kids do not have Diary of a Wimpy Kid T-Shirts so this is another fun idea for a party favor. Just make sure you have an idea of each party guests shirt size. The shirts are affordable and is all you need to send the kids home with. You can even tie it with some ribbon and attach a homemade bookmark to them.  The kids would love this.

Diary of a Wimpky Kid Invitations & Party Supplies

If you are looking for Diary of a Wimpy Kid Party Invitations I just did a post over on my Party Blog about all the great invites available - like your Ticket Style & VIP Pass Style which are great if you are planning to bring the kids to see the movie. You will also find standard style invitations too.

In addition to the invitations there are also additional Diary of a Wimpy Kid Party Favors like - Matching Water Bottle Labels, Candy Bar Wrappers, Hershey Kiss Labels, Address Labels, Favor Bag Labels and more.

So stop by and see all the goodies here; Diary of a Wimpy Kid Party Supplies

Diary of a Wimpy Kid FREE Printables

To add to your party favors Take advantage of all the FREE Diary of a Wimpy Kid Printables available on the internet. I love FREE and I know I am not the only one. You can print some of these up to use at the party or to add in your favor bags for something extra to send the kids home with and it does not cost you anything extra besides some paper and ink. I always do this for my own kids parties. I have listed some links to your right of some that I have found for you.

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Let me know what you think here: 9 comments

#1fan666 6 years ago

it is so awesome!!!!!!!! i am the #1 fan of wimpy kid!!!!

sup 6 years ago

what up yal iluv readin diary of a vimpy kid unfortunately i have only read 1 book cant find any other books

OMG 6 years ago


KENETH 6 years ago


teresa  6 years ago

i love the diary of a wimpy kid movie because i have it at my house

Sierra 5 years ago

I LOVE that movie! Especially Rodrick Rules, the new movie. Holly Hills is awesome! Rowley is funny! Rodrick is funny and Greg, well he is my celebrity crush!!!!

ERYONNA 5 years ago


annie 5 years ago

my son is #1 one fan and so am i

Ziad 4 years ago

I love diary of a wimpy kid!!!!!!!!!!!

I have 9 books

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