Ways to Say Thank You. Different ways to say thank you with words and gifts.

Spoil the person you want to thank with a luxury food treat.

Make a special treat for someone to say thank you.
Make a special treat for someone to say thank you. | Source
copyright 2uesday.
copyright 2uesday. | Source

Ways to say Thank You...

Saying thank you is not difficult but sometimes you can feel that the words are 'over used' and as such you may want to say more than a plain and simple - "Thank You".

For some occasions when a person has helped you with a difficult problem, been kind or helpful you may want to send a message in a card or even a thank you gift to them.So when you wish to say - 'a big thank you' to somebody what can you say or do?

The sort of thank you that you say or send will probably vary according to who it is you are wishing to thank. An example is a thank you to a former employer may by necessity be more formal than a thank you to an old friend.

Sometimes the easiest thing to do is to sit down and write a thank you letter or card expressing your gratitude. At other times it may seem important to thank the person with a gift, people often like to send flowers a plant or sometimes a bottle of wine but there are endless possibilities to selecting a suitable gift.

Here are a few 'Thank You' gift ideas and also some thank you quotes.

Pretty cards to use for thank you messages.

Pretty butterfly card which is blank for your own messages.

Butterflies Note Cards (Stationery) 14 cards and 15 envelopes
Butterflies Note Cards (Stationery) 14 cards and 15 envelopes

Beautiful cards with butterfly design and linen finnish. 14 cards 15 envelopes blank inside so you can add your own messages.


Thank You - Quotes...

How beautiful a day can be

When kindness touches it! -

Quote: George Elliston

  • "Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it."

Quote source: William Arthur Ward.

“Kindness, like a boomerang, always returns.” Quote source : Author Unknown.

"I thank you for your kindness, I will not soon forget;

You’re one of the nicest people, I have ever met….." Quote : Joanna Fuchs

"Your presence today spoke volumes. Thank you all for the support." Quote: Benjamin Crump

More Thank You quotes:

"You where there when I needed help, thank you I will never forget your kindness."

"Thank you are two small words, but your help meant the world to me."

"Thank you, your kindness will never be forgotten."

"Two tiny words it is true but they are sent with sincerity. I just wanted to say ... thank you."

Always send a message with your gift that says thank you and shows your appreciation.

Flowers make a nice thank you gift a simple bunch of daffodils with a hand written card can be a charming way to say thank you to someone. Or if you prefer a pretty bouquet delivered by a florist with a thank you message attached.

I think the thought that goes into writing the message that goes with your Thank You gift is important and that the gift is less essential than the words in the written or said as you say 'voice' your thanks.

Thank You Gift Baskets/Hampers.

A luxury hamper would make a great thank you gift and the theme of a gift basket could be selected to suit the person or family that the 'Thank You' gift hamper is for. A luxury food hamper is always a popular present to receive and it can make an attractive gift without the need to wrap it. The theme for food hampers can be based on a cuisine from a country that is a favourite of the person you are thanking.

A pampering gift basket of toiletries can make a luxurious gift.

In today's world we can send a thank you e-mail or text message but do not underestimate the pleasure of receiving a written thank you letter or card can bring to someone. It may take longer to write and post a card or note to someone but if they are worth thanking then maybe they deserve the extra effort it takes. There is a possibility that the words you write may mean more than an expensive gift would. Try not be reluctant to tell the person why their help or kindness meant so much to you.

Selecting the right 'Thank You' card to send is not always easy as some can appear too sentimental. If this is so then buying an attractive card that has been left blank card for you to send with your own message is probably more suitable. A creative person who can find the time might like to make their own card to write their message in. Making cards is simpler now than ever a wide range of stationery is available that is suitable, but remember not to use copyrighted images in any of the cards that you make.

You can say thank you by giving a gift of something you baked.


Chocolate cake is always a treat for a thank you gift.

chocolate cake a great thank you idea
chocolate cake a great thank you idea

More Thank You Gift Ideas...

A yearly subscription to a person's favourite magazine will usually be gratefully received and give the person pleasure throughout the following year.

Flowers are a traditional way to say thank you.


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2uesday profile image

2uesday 3 years ago from - on the web, I am 2uesday. Author

Thank you lesliebyars it was nice to read your comment, it made me smile.

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2uesday 3 years ago from - on the web, I am 2uesday. Author

Thank you PegCole17 it sounds like the staff could tell how thoughtful you were in putting together the gift baskets.

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lesliebyars 3 years ago from Alabama

This was a nice hub and you sound like thoughtful person yourself! I voted up and interesting!!

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PegCole17 3 years ago from Dallas, Texas

I have to agree 2uesday, that giving a hand made gift is easy and much appreciated by the receiver. You have provided a lot of great ideas here. Last year my husband was going through a lot of medical issues and we were always in some medical office or another. When I brought them a gift basket at the holidays filled with snacks, both pre-made and home made, they literally could not get over it. The faces on the receptionist and the staff who got the gift baskets really made the effort worthwhile.

Bien Fait Cakes 4 years ago from Greensboro

This is a great hub! The quotes are a a wonderful addition as people always seem to be at a loss for words, and food gifts and food gift baskets are the perfect choice as thank you gifts. This was really well done!

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smcopywrite 5 years ago from all over the web

i luv the ideas of gift baskets. these are very personal and can be used for anyone from your boss to your daughter and are extremely personal.

great hub.

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2uesday 6 years ago from - on the web, I am 2uesday. Author

You are right Sunnyglitter and thank you for reading and leaving a comment here. Sometimes a smile and a thank you can make the day seem better.

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Sunnyglitter 6 years ago from Cyberspace

It's always good to say thank you when people deserve it!

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2uesday 6 years ago from - on the web, I am 2uesday. Author

Thank you jasper420.

jasper420 6 years ago

very useful info great hub

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