Dishes prepared for onam festival in Kerala

Onam sadya


Onam is a very popular festival which is celebrated in kerala. The important speciality of this festival is the preparation of onam sadya. The Onam sadya is usally served on the banana leaf. Rice is the main food and along with it variety of other dishes are prepared. some of the most important dishes prepared on the Onam day are given below.


1. Sambhar

Sambhar is the main curry for the sadya. Variety of vegetables are used for this dish. Brinjal, potato, carrot, drumstick, tomato, onion etc are the main ingredients for this curry.


2. Aviyal

Aviyal is an important dish which is prepared on the onam day. The main ingredients used for preparation of avial are raw banana, cucumber, yam, brinjal etc. These vegetables are mixed together of the preparation. Avial is a nice combination with the rice.


3. Kaalan

Kaalan is another dish which is prepared using curd. Kaalan is a bit thick dish compared to other onam dishes. The main ingredients used for this dish are yam, pumpkin and cucumber.


4. Olan

Olan is prepared using cucumber and black eyed beans. Coconut milk is a main ingredient for the preparation of olan.


5. Pickle

Another compulsory dish prepared for the onam sadya are the pickles. Variety of pickles are made on the onam day such as mango, lime, gooseberry etc.


6. Payasam

Payasam is the sweet dish which is usually served after the sadya. Palada prathaman, semiya payasam, parippu payasam are some of the famous onam payasams. For preparation of payasam milk is a common ingredient.

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Anil and Honey profile image

Anil and Honey 3 years ago from Kerala

ok friend,festival Onam is coming, good hub.. i waiting for the grate festival, thanks for sharing.

sujithbeta profile image

sujithbeta 3 years ago from Kerala, India Author

Thank you anil and honey. Wish you a happy onam in advance.

sujithbeta profile image

sujithbeta 3 years ago from Kerala, India Author

thanks for the valuable comment. happy to hear the hub was useful to you

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