Disney Minnie Mouse Birthday Cakes And Party Ideas

Minnie Mouse who's real name is actually Minerva Mouse was first drawn as a comic in 1928.

As you can probably tell by looking at older versions of her she was designed to look a lot like a flapper which was in style at the time of her creation. And during the 1940's her style evolved into a slightly more conservative look.

The character of the cute little mouse in the poka-dot dress has been a favorite with young children for decades and she's probably almost as popular today as she was in your grandmother's day. And you will find that Minnie Mouse makes a perfect birthday theme for young girls whether they are just having a first birthday all the way up to adulthood.

disney minnie mouse birthday cakes and party ideas
disney minnie mouse birthday cakes and party ideas

Cake Toppers

When planning a Minnie Mouse birthday party the birthday cake is always a good place to start.

In fact you could say that the cake is the most important part of the party because everything else pretty much revolves around whatever cake design that you choose.

You can find some really cute cake toppers online most of which retail for under $12. Which makes them an affordable choice for almost any budget.

minnie mouse birthday party supplies
minnie mouse birthday party supplies

Party Supplies

When shopping for party supplies be sure to check out Amazon for the most savings.

Here you can find a basic party pack for a birthday party of 8 kids for less than $10. Which makes this set which contains the plates, cups and napkins a very affordable option.

And if you prefer a more deluxe party kit you can also find that here as well as some adorable and cute Mouse Ears Headbands which would be a big hit with all of your young party guests. Just think about how adorable all of the little girls will look in their Mickey Mouse ears, you'll want to take plenty of pictures for this party.

If you do decide to go with a more detailed party pack you'll find a nice one here for a party of 8 that retails for just under $30. Which really isn't a bad price for a party kit. This cute party kit contains plates, napkins, cups,plastic tablecover, plastic silverware,invitations,blowouts,a birthday banner, centerpiece,20 pink balloons, candles,1 pink curling ribbon, 1 white streamer and 1 pink streamer.

And whatever you do, don't forget the pinata which is always a big hit with the party guests.


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