Win A Free Holiday

Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat, Malaysia

Win A Free Holiday : The Latest Nature Resort In Malaysia.

This article should rightly be called "Why do I deserve to win a free holiday?". Yes, win a free holiday to the Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat in Malaysia. Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat is Malaysia's First Luxury Natural Wellness Destination.

It is set in a natural limestone range. Hence the name "Banjaran" meaning "range" in the Malay language. There are caves and hot springs in the area making it most ideal for a lifestyle vacation. And if you are lucky you may win a free holiday for 2D/1N stay at this 6-star resort. What you need to do is to convince the promoter why this would be a dream getaway you deserve.

This was what I wrote:

[Reasons why I deserve to win the LiteFM Weekend Escape! At my age I should be relaxing and enjoying my life, indulging in my hobbies and taking things easy. The only consolation is to indulge myself in the internet and listening to LiteFM; my favourite is the Sunday evening “Swingtime” when I imagine myself relaxing in a cozy five-star hotel coffee lounge enjoying nostalgic music and songs to soothe a tired soul. Yes at the age of 60, retired, I should be doing just that; but fate does not permit me. Each day together with my wife, we have to care for our 4-year old grand-daughter who lives with us. From morning till night we re-live those years when we had to care for our children. The never-ending chores of feeding, washing, and guiding with tender loving care. I am retired but not a pensioner; so I have to be very prudent in my spending with an extra mouth to feed. Any luxury is just a dream. Maybe my dream will come through this time!]

Do you think I deserve to win this free "dream holidays"?

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Sanarya profile image

Sanarya 7 years ago from france

U will really B a gud guy if u were 2 take away by surprise in the ideallic and paradisiac holiday resort...

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